The General State of Things – and Pricing?

First off, this post took a drastic change of direction. Secondly, can I say I’m starting to get really freaked that the cover reveal is tomorrow, its my first time doing it so its kinda odd and not sure what to expect. I hope people like it, I’m especially in love with the front cover but tomorrow will tell. In the meantime I’ve kept busy with other things such as the artwork, see this post for that and the teaser for Kakri.  Second getting the Author Spotlight fully going, so far there’s been a bit of demand and I already have the next couple weeks booked up, but like I’ve said I’ll add more days for posting.

I have noticed though that a lot of my blogging lately has been mainly marketing though, which I’m trying to break. Sadly since I’ve been pretty housebound due to weather and a bum car I’ve been rather dull in other areas. Luckily though one the car is busy getting fixed as I type this so hopefully this will change a bit. I will say it would be awesome to be able to go out for a coffee if I feel inclined again, when I feel like it. I have to give a HUGE thanks though to my in laws for helping us get to and from places mainly while the car has been down. In related news  thanks to my son’s current unit in school and them working on it we’re probably going to be hitting an adventure in potty training  to go along with the unit- god help us all.  At least he’s taking an interest in doing it and we have introduced it before though it still hasn’t taken entirely but progress.  I’m also still wondering how long I have before before his new found artistic talent goes from purely on paper and the occasional trail off of the paper and onto tables. Fun times in my house, fun times.

And because I’ve seen this pop up a lot lately I’m curious myself- how much do you pay for e-books as a preference? For the time being lets ignore free because everyone loves to try those I know I do. I’ve seen the gambit though anywhere from .99 cents or 1.99 being the more common low end to 2.99 being the norm- these being regular prices. Some insist they won’t buy anything over the 3 dollar mark for indie books, whether this applies to more traditional published books I don’t know- the posts have never said. I’m assuming for phrasing this isn’t the case and that traditionally published books are either not favored at all or held in a different regard. This somewhat bothers me, because I’m indie my books should never be sold for the 6-9 dollar range that a lot of e-books are sold for- if not more if page count warrants. Selling Vengeance which is about 330 pages for the same price as Kakri which will probably be about 100 doesn’t seem right on a regular basis seems off. Heck even having them very close in price which the most common responses would place them at seems odd. Indie or not- if a book catches my eye and I think I’ll enjoy it price becomes very little concern. Though I might hold off a touch on just buying it and preview it first if its like A Dance with Dragons which was like 18 dollars when I bought it, which was a lot different than my usual fantasy fare.

I don’t know cheap is preferred and that makes sense but it just seems putting a cap on it we’re kinda screwing indie authors. That said it could be just a few who cap the cost of books or some who cap it regardless of what means were used for publishing or some that don’t cap the cost at all, so long as a book is quality. So what’s your answer to this debate? Fine paying any price so long as the book is good or is cheaper definitely better?