Lazy Days and Date Nights

I meant to finish my go over of Vengeance this weekend- but its not going to happen- after pushing for the past week and a half I needed a desperate recharge since I basically put the brakes fully on writing to keep downtime to a minimum except for a bit at night. Well, no writing and just editing make me a cranky author. So Thursday after a few unsuccessful attempts at moving forward I stopped and suggested to the hubby that we go out for the date night we had been planning on for ages. So after dropping the munchkin off at the grandparents he and I went out for a nice dinner at our local sit down Asian restaurant, most of them are the buffet styles around here. I’m just gonna direct you here to see a bit of what we got cause the presentation is that good.  The next day I went with munchkin to his school to a farm presentation where we got to feed the baby animals- though it took  a round or two before he tried his hand at it.

And seriously- cutest and smallest goat ever was there.


Then yesterday was game night, which in turn changed into who can mess up who… we played a rarer game and while it’s player against the creatures that are Computer controlled it is also very much player versus player at the same time so you can steal their towns, items etc. Then we transitioned into a quick session of DnD before the night broke up, though we didn’t get terribly far the dungeon we were in. Still, it’s a nice break, and while I’m working on Vengeance a bit more today I’m still going at a pretty easy pace with it and will probably try to break into some writing later tonight. I’m still hoping to get it done this week so I can focus fully on the fun part of this job- writing!

Oh btw? I’m still looking for Beta readers for Darkness’s Fury- see this post here for the form to fill out if you’re interested!

Somewhat Date Night Story

Okay let’s just get this out of the way- book related info. We now have a lovely mailing list which all of you lovely people should sign up for to stay up to date on stuff from me, news, release info, upcoming stuff, sales, giveaways and the occasional bonus content for my books all exclusive to that delivered straight to your in boxes at least once a month. Sign up link is on the sidebar! By the way what’s everyone think of the new layout? I know, I know- I’ve been playing around with it a lot lately but I think I finally got it. Anyway! Kakri’s still hopefully going to be released the 7th, as of right now its looking good- fingers crossed it stays that way. As such the party is still happening, full details are here and if you’re an author who wants to hang out, feel free to use the form linked in that post to let me know what times you might want.

And lastly I would be completely remiss if I didn’t mention that Vengeance of Segennya (Owner of now two five star reviews on Amazon! Can’t tell I’m proud of this can you?)  is on sale for 99 pennies on Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

Okay onto the actual topic of this post. It’s no secret I’m a geek and so is my hubby, sometimes how much we are still takes us by surprise. Take Valentines Day, we wandered through our town’s pretty much only dedicated craft store because I was looking to possibly make a couple things since I was feeling rather DIY. As we wandered we came across some home decor and in particular those angel and cherub statues. Now we’ve been watching Doctor Who over the past six months, and if anyone else is in that fandom you know these statues take on a whole new light after watching the episode Blink in particular but any episode with the weeping angels will do it.

Hubby *stops the cart in front of the display*- Don’t Blink.

Me *looking at something else*- What are you talking about?

Hubby- Look at them, if you blink you’re dead.

I look forward to see the “evil” display of statues and start laughing.- Really? You’re referencing  this now?

Him- Look at them they are angels! They’re eyes are closed even! *We start circling the display somewhat* That one!… That one ! ….Even that one!

Oddly he does have a point. I decide to not tell him this though.- “And your point is?”

Him- They could kill us at any time! They’re all closed they could move! Well except for that one.

It was a statue of a baby cherub that indeed had its eyes open. *The hubby whispers* It’s the only safe one.

Him- Run! *He moves with the cart behind me* Take her first!

We walk away rather fast going along with how he’s played this up. Me- Nice to on the most romantic holiday- or at least what’s supposed to be- you’ll sacrifice your wife to weeping angels.

Him- Yup!

Not sure what I expected really in the event of a weeping angel attack. We’ve already been through the theoretical zombie attack plan and he’s already insisted on the same thing if I can’t keep up. At the same time I doubt it would have happened- hopefully. But that’s the relationship we have, we jibe like that and threaten to sacrifice  each other to fictional monsters that are out of shows we watch. We find references where many would either ignore them as though they weren’t there, and I was once among this group- it was actually only recently I was able to do this, and we play with them like this. To be honest I think our son enjoys or antics, he definitely seemed amused during this and probably actually somewhat got the joke since he watches Doctor Who with us at three and for Halloween actually went as the tenth doctor. We’re still waiting on the day though he can join in on our game nights with our friends.

Ending note- holy crap I’ve been blogging for a year already! The blog itself is a bit older since I formed it before I really got into what I wanted for a central hub. It’s been kinda a crazy year, weddings, final undergrad year starting and finally publishing and working on and getting ready for launching Kakri and working on Darkness as well as future series. What will year two on here bring I wonder? Thanks for sticking around- here’s to a glorious next year. *raises coffee*

Date Night Stories

So tonight  was the first time in ages the hubby and I decided to go munchkin free and have ourselves a nice night of going out to dinner and generally spending time where we don’t have to jump up every five seconds to tell him “Don’t do that!” and “No, get down from there!” .  Those with kids definitely unless yours are among the rare constant angels in public or private know what what I’m talking about.  We decided to try a new Japanese restaurant that is pretty higher end, the food was awesome though all they give you to eat with is chop sticks with which my hubby apparently needs a lot of lessons/practice.

Sitting there with our appetizers before our sushi arrived:
“How are you holding it like that?”  he asked as he fumbled with his chopsticks.

“Like what?”

“Like that!”

I grab some of the fried calamari and noodles from their bowl with the chopsticks, he proceeds shove the two sticks together and grab some out then he notices me eating the tiny noodles with the  chopsticks.

“Really? Even those?”

I look up at him smirking, “It’s not that hard, you hold the one stick like you would a pencil, and the other like this,” I demonstrate.  “And move it up and down while the other one stays put.”

He stares at me blinking while I pop the remaining noodles on my plate into my mouth then continues eating in the same fashion as before.  Thankfully we both were rescued by the main attraction arriving.  While I continued to use my chopsticks at several points he alternates from stabbing his food or just picking it up.

“Much more efficient,” he says after doing this.  “Have you tried the wasabi?”

“Not yet, I’ve had it before and its been kinda odd.”

“You should try it,” he says applying it to another piece of sushi.

“Alright.”  I grab a small bit with a chopstick and apply it to a piece of my own.

“Really?! Even that you can get with that? Showoff.”

I can’t help but smirk as I eat the piece of sushi.  “Its not showing off, and by the way its pretty good,”  I reply after swallowing.

I load up another piece with wasabi, a bit more than last time.  “Usually this stuff is just heat with no real taste, but this has it- must be a different brand.”

I pop the new piece in my mouth and it hits every nerve and I breath out causing a dull pain to bloom.  He laughs as my eyes water.  “You breathed out didn’t you?”

“No, I just put too much on,” I reply trying to casually collect myself.

“You breathed out.”

“Can it chopstick boy,”  I shot back snagging my last crab rangoon and digging in.

All in all it was definitely a good night, and while I can’t say how often we will be going back to this restaurant, the food was good the prices were cringe worthy to say the least.  Afterwords our joke was we would take more than just us there after the hubby won the lottery.

“No,” I said.  “Let’s set a more realistic goal.  Lets take everyone if my book does amazingly well.”

He pulls me into a hug.  “Alright, sounds like a plan.”

Here’s to hoping…

By the way here’s the offending wasabi and most delicious sushi: