Memory Lane

Endings and beginnings… this is a long lasting trend on this blog I swear especially this past year. Chapters open and close throughout life but I’ve never had so many happen so close together. As I’ve said I also blame launching a new a career as partly responsible for the attention to it too. Yesterday was a busy one, and quite different from the day I had of Friday. Coming off Kakri’s release it was quite a somber experience in sharp contrast to the excitement and nervousness of releasing a new thing into the world, helping someone move from a house that held so, so many memories for me. I stood in the yard briefly several times looking out over the snowy landscape, the piles of plowed snow were almost in the same positions as my youth and watched my son clamber over the obstacle laughing as my sister’s dog bounded ahead of him. I remembered building what I saw as the most impressive snow fort, carving out with care the pile of snow, complete with fortifications and sledding escape only to have to redo at least part of it every time the plow came through again. I looked at the house next door, empty now and remembered the late summer nights with music over there and the children that played with us long after the sun went down. I walked to through the front yard, looking at the apple trees that occasionally dot the yard and the places where the old flower beds slept under the snow. The flower beds that used to be the pride and joy of this house, only shortly followed by the huge vegetable garden in the back. My husband is busy helping move the larger items with my father in law  while the owner of this house offers advice and says what order stuff is going out in. He doesn’t bother me as I walk out back, he knows I need the moments with the memories. Here in the back yard new memories assault me, bonfires at night, the forts that were never fully constructed but made ample use of fall leaves as they fell to at least blueprint where the other five million solid walls should have been. There was only about one physical wall, maybe a semi-solid cone of branches and sticks if we were lucky, but we were ambitious and dreamed big.

Eventually I did make my way back and finally helped move and pack up things into boxes. My son runs from partial cleared room to partially cleared room, bribing his aunt, grandpas and others for crackers and other goodies while he waits somewhat patiently for us to finish what we need to. We still have another day out there but this will probably be his last trip since moving things around with a toddler in tow is rather difficult and even his really good patience for being so young was tried at the end of the day. I steal a moment or two with him, telling him stories of the snow forts, bonfires and times with friends while the others discuss the garage. I tell him of raiding the blackberry and raspberry bushes that dot the yard and how good it tasted, I tell him of the times his father and I spent out here. Our stories are somewhat cut short as I ‘m called back to moving duty but I’m glad I got the chance to share at least sometime in this place with him as well.

Kakri lives! Official Book Release!

Okay dropping in at long last this evening with the most up to date buy links for Kakri (Paperback links are still processing for Amazon and beyond). Because it very much wants to join your library and/ or arrive at your home!

Amazon Kindle
Barnes and Noble
Createspace (Paperback)

This is technically the second book in the series but is a standalone and can be read without reading Vengeance of Segennya with really no spoilers. If you want to read Vengeance before Kakri it’s still 99 pennies at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords until Monday!

Kakri’s cover is still up for the Best Book Cover of 2014 over here as entry 69, first round voting closes the tenth so please cast your ballot!


Somewhat Date Night Story

Okay let’s just get this out of the way- book related info. We now have a lovely mailing list which all of you lovely people should sign up for to stay up to date on stuff from me, news, release info, upcoming stuff, sales, giveaways and the occasional bonus content for my books all exclusive to that delivered straight to your in boxes at least once a month. Sign up link is on the sidebar! By the way what’s everyone think of the new layout? I know, I know- I’ve been playing around with it a lot lately but I think I finally got it. Anyway! Kakri’s still hopefully going to be released the 7th, as of right now its looking good- fingers crossed it stays that way. As such the party is still happening, full details are here and if you’re an author who wants to hang out, feel free to use the form linked in that post to let me know what times you might want.

And lastly I would be completely remiss if I didn’t mention that Vengeance of Segennya (Owner of now two five star reviews on Amazon! Can’t tell I’m proud of this can you?)  is on sale for 99 pennies on Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

Okay onto the actual topic of this post. It’s no secret I’m a geek and so is my hubby, sometimes how much we are still takes us by surprise. Take Valentines Day, we wandered through our town’s pretty much only dedicated craft store because I was looking to possibly make a couple things since I was feeling rather DIY. As we wandered we came across some home decor and in particular those angel and cherub statues. Now we’ve been watching Doctor Who over the past six months, and if anyone else is in that fandom you know these statues take on a whole new light after watching the episode Blink in particular but any episode with the weeping angels will do it.

Hubby *stops the cart in front of the display*- Don’t Blink.

Me *looking at something else*- What are you talking about?

Hubby- Look at them, if you blink you’re dead.

I look forward to see the “evil” display of statues and start laughing.- Really? You’re referencing  this now?

Him- Look at them they are angels! They’re eyes are closed even! *We start circling the display somewhat* That one!… That one ! ….Even that one!

Oddly he does have a point. I decide to not tell him this though.- “And your point is?”

Him- They could kill us at any time! They’re all closed they could move! Well except for that one.

It was a statue of a baby cherub that indeed had its eyes open. *The hubby whispers* It’s the only safe one.

Him- Run! *He moves with the cart behind me* Take her first!

We walk away rather fast going along with how he’s played this up. Me- Nice to on the most romantic holiday- or at least what’s supposed to be- you’ll sacrifice your wife to weeping angels.

Him- Yup!

Not sure what I expected really in the event of a weeping angel attack. We’ve already been through the theoretical zombie attack plan and he’s already insisted on the same thing if I can’t keep up. At the same time I doubt it would have happened- hopefully. But that’s the relationship we have, we jibe like that and threaten to sacrifice  each other to fictional monsters that are out of shows we watch. We find references where many would either ignore them as though they weren’t there, and I was once among this group- it was actually only recently I was able to do this, and we play with them like this. To be honest I think our son enjoys or antics, he definitely seemed amused during this and probably actually somewhat got the joke since he watches Doctor Who with us at three and for Halloween actually went as the tenth doctor. We’re still waiting on the day though he can join in on our game nights with our friends.

Ending note- holy crap I’ve been blogging for a year already! The blog itself is a bit older since I formed it before I really got into what I wanted for a central hub. It’s been kinda a crazy year, weddings, final undergrad year starting and finally publishing and working on and getting ready for launching Kakri and working on Darkness as well as future series. What will year two on here bring I wonder? Thanks for sticking around- here’s to a glorious next year. *raises coffee*

Changing Plans!

So different blog post than I wanted to post today, I was actually going to finish a blog post from yesterday that I started but life decided to say forget it. Today I still might go and finish it but this is a tad more important to at least put out there considering how much I’ve been talking about it lately.

Sadly with a heavy heart I have to announce that Kakri’s release has been delayed due to some foreseen circumstances. Tentatively I’m hoping to make a new date of March 7th, since everything- fingers crossed will be well and done by then. So the party has been moved until then as well despite the later date I’m still looking forward to hanging out with everyone and hopefully given it will be two weeks later we’ll be able to make it bigger and better. Yeah, I’m trying to look very much at the positive of it all.  In addition I’m extending the sale on Vengeance of Segennya until around then as well, exact date such as if it will go past the 7th isn’t known right now.

Wish I had better news but what can you do sometimes, great thing about indie publishing, no deadlines just hate I had to break a date I had set a month in advance. Sorry again my lovelies, and thanks for your support.

Sale! The Resalening….

Okay so maybe that title needs work, forgive me, my brain isn’t quite functioning yet due to having been jolted awake by realization that my alarms somehow both failed me. But I digress. I’m happy to announce that Vengeance is currently on sale for 99 pennies until the 24th on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords! After the 24th it will go back up to its normal price so get it while its hot.

And while I’m doing some early morning pimping of things, Friday we’re partying so tell your friends! Also author’s check out the post I linked for the form if you want to come hang out for a couple hours during the party.

Seriously- thanks to everyone who’s bought my books already, who’s reviewed them, reached out and told me what they thought of Vengeance and just for the general support. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Let’s Party!

So after yesterday’s post and weighing some soulsearching I decided to go for it. I’m please to announce that we’ll be kicking off the release party for Kakri and a belated one for Vengeance over on Facebook at 9:00 am Friday EST. Head over to this link here to get in on the fun and games. We’re gonna have some giveaways a few surprise guests and maybe a few authors poking their heads in. Feel free to invite your friends, the more the merrier!

Authors if you want to sign up to guest host and hang out for an hour or two please sign up for times you want on this form here.

I hope to see everyone there!

To Launch or Not…

Holy crap, Kakri’s less than a week away from launch and this weekend in between assignments and other things, mainly writing. I’m at this point hoping everything stays on track for the day we’re running quite a bit behind what I feel comfy with but I think we’ll make it- barring more delays. At this point I should disclaim that this will be the e-book only launch and the paperback will be delayed a tiny bit due to the delays. So among all this I’ve spent the past bit debating on how big of a deal I plan on making this. Kakri’s technically book number two and a novella at that- usually fuss and big blow outs seem to be reserved for novels and your first book being the biggest. Due to how I released Vengeance it didn’t get all that. Then I’m like oh solution! I’ll just have a delayed celebration for Vengeance as well. So I start to plan it.

Then comes the fear, so I stop completely and find myself where I am now. And forgive how just down this might sound but its worth mentioning because I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one out there with the problems I’ve been having. Anyway, I’ve been trying the past bit to do a few giveaways, yes as I mentioned on that dreaded site called Facebook. So for Valentine’s Day as well as having Vengeance on sale I decided to do a flash giveaway for an e-book or two. Now I’ve had marginal at best success with giveaways at all to the point where I often just say screw them but I wanted to give it another shot, so I draw it up and let it take its course…

Nothing- so far- it still has a few hours left so it might change but for a contest type I see rather popular on other pages etc. I’m getting pretty lack luster results looking at it which is pretty unchanged from my previous experiences with it.

So now I wonder what am I doing wrong and to tie it in the top of the post as to if this is how a giveaway goes, how should I expect a party to go? Hence the fear… at some point yes you must take the plunge yes not all strategies work for every type of book but seriously, who doesn’t like free? I’ve done the research for the most part, I seem to be in constant adjustment of marketing plan. I try to balance book related news like crazy and life in general. I actually probably somewhat over do it- and kinda am blah appearing because of the lack of hype, if I am posting about the book I try not to have it come across as buy my book PLEEEASE!  Seriously though I can’t do self promotion to save my life so it still might sound like it. And damn I’m really struggling now to make this not seem like poor me, poor me etc. since this isn’t the point. The point is whether I should do a book launch party online.

You know what I think I might do the book launch anyway- I need to celebrate at one point what I’ve accomplished in a more public place, whatever the outcome of attendance. And I think I have a better way of putting this problem I ended up talking way too much and too long about in a much better way,  I’ll probably post that later today.

So my new question among this chaos for those out there- any suggestions on which might be better- Facebook v. Google? Keep in mind I don’t have a webcam right now so doing a Google hangout is kinda out at the moment.  And any suggestions on how to make it a success?

Before I….Something

Okay no witty title for this blog entry, after being  up at the ungodly hour of 5:00 am to take the hubby to work and still low on the caffeine intake my brain isn’t feeling witty.  Right now my munchkin is napping and I’m wishing I could join him, but I have stuff to do well before that point, if I reach it at all and don’t just simply call it a somewhat early night. I say somewhat early because I really want/ need to get some writing in- these past few days have been annoyingly not allowing me to get much done. I also need to go back over one last time for Kakri before formatting. (By the way have you seen the cover yet? It turned out amazing!) I’ve also been battling my computer betraying me and needing a reformat- thank god for using Google drive to back everything up though! So I’m running a bit behind where I’d like to be with it but still hoping that I can get the electronic editions out by the original date I  hoped to release by- fingers crossed here. That’s probably going to be the job for this weekend in between schoolwork since seriously… writing…I want to do it!

I do want to share, since I’m still really giddy about it Vengeance got its first five star review and rating on Amazon! Head over here– to see it. I will say Vengeance has gotten five star ratings before on Goodreads but this was the first one accompanied by a review. Got your copy yet? 🙂

I’ve also got a lot of cool authors to introduce over the next month and a half with the Author Spotlight. Its been taking off steadily and I couldn’t be more thrilled at how well it is turning out. Make sure you see the latest one for Agostino Scafidi. This Friday another one posts so keep an eye out for another author.

Okay before I go try to finally finish this chapter of Darkness’s Fury I will tease that I might have some surprises coming up for not only the release of Kakri but the Valentine holiday since everyone seems really keen on Liz and Kellin’s romance. *hits the evil laughter track* Oops sorry… *coughs* carry on.

Coming Soon!

So got my first sight at Kakri’s cover art last night (which looks amazing) and we’ve been tweaking it today since the back art is giving us some issues. So expect the final cover reveal very soon! Now onto what I can announce:

Kakri’s now been added to Goodreads so add it to your TBR list today! It’s also gotten a nice shiny new blurb.

The Gods have long been silent in Segennya, but that’s about to change.

Kakri has long watched Segennya fight and struggle,though that time has passed. Liz’s new age has so much potential, if she can keep the new ruler on the throne to see it through that is. It’s a delicate situation though. Old grudges and tensions run high and someone is using them to start a hunt for treasure long lost even to the Gods to start mischief.

It seems as though Kakri’s plans are working, but then Queen and Goddess find themselves trapped below the earth. As they attempt to find their way out they find it’s hiding secrets beyond belief and the mischief above ground has much deeper roots.

And lastly, mark your calenders!  Kakri now has a tentative release date… of…February 21st, 2014! I got some fun stuff planned for the week it releases as well as up to so stay tuned for that.

In the News…Aftermath and Advice

3e44b2389a2ae220cd33a5620f4b5717       (Ravenwood, Segennya)  Today Ravenwood awoke after its bloodiest night in recent memory. Much of the city still burns though the hardest area could be seen as being the area known to its residents as Lower Quarter. Today after extracting myself from the cellar of my house I went with the others to see  the man claiming at least partial responsibility for the events of last night.  This man calls himself Lord Durj, he is a former resident of Lower Quarter and apparently it is his vision we are now seeing come to life. According to what was told to the nervous crowd he sees himself as ushering in of a new age. I can’t help but to think how lucky we were, whether it will be the great, new age he promises though will remain to be seen. It has been said before and will no doubt be said again, still I cannot help but urge caution to all residents. Despite Lord Durj saying how different his stance is than others what we saw last night goes well beyond what has been left in records for takeovers. Until more is known keep an eye on each other, stay low- personally I recommend cellars- and simply mind your manners. As the dust and smoke settle no doubt we will fully see what is in store, not only for us here in Ravenwood but for Segennya as a whole.