The Next Blurb

Darkness Fury is really speeding along overall. I say this compared to Vengeance at this point last year. It’s far enough along I can finally reveal the rough, unedited back blurb. Let me know what you think!

Secrets within secrets, plans within plans.

Whispers of warning constantly reach Liz’s ears but its heavily disguised with lies and confusion of a coming storm of an unseen enemy. The only thing they know for sure is that whoever this enemy is those that know won’t or can’t say due to their influence. Still, life goes and and she’s not one to bog down on possible threats. Her second year as ruler is approaching just after Segennya’s first real holiday celebrations and its time to reflect and look to the future in more ways than one. As soon as the land awakens from its winter slumber it seems all has broken lose, the Eire are busy fighting in their lands, attacks rip across fertile farmland and the southern reaches of Segennya by things that only have existed in Inarni and Uranys nightmares. Despite the splitting of allies they march toward war, hopefully to hold back the darkness before it consumes them all and force the enemy fully into the open.


Birthright Secrets- In a Nutshell

Allow me to set this up, and I suppose I should say possible spoilers?

I hate blurbing sometimes, I hate it. Takes me three or four times to maybe, maybe get it right and even then tweaking is necessary usually. I can never get the language to sound as good as others do and so the whole thing seems like trash. The same sometimes goes for the whole on the spot- oh you’re writing a book? What’s it about? -that sometimes people pop on you randomly when its mentioned in conversation or they are genuinely interested. Suddenly your brain freezes and though you’re proud of what you wrote you don’t want to sound like a bambling idiot about it either. The same sometimes goes for self-promo posts which was what I was just doing  and spawned this…

Birthright Secrets is an epic fantasy series that follows the hired blade, Liz, a woman who has spent most of her life living according to as much of an old code of honor as she could while living in a world that was constantly twisting it. Living on the edges of society Liz starts working for a man, Lord Durj who become the only family she has known along with his sister Cat and mutual family Terra. She also finds a bit of romance in the form of Kellin, though her duty to Durj often causes her problems there sometimes. One night changes all this and Liz finds her code torn apart, betrayed and fleeing for her life with Cat and Terra. Liz wants answers though and she doesn’t care how she has to get them but instead finds herself at the center of something she couldn’t imagine in her wildest dreams. Yet it all seems to rest on her answer to one question, the correct answer is one that she doesn’t need since she’s got enough on her plate making sure she can finish this job and working through her rebuilding romance and throw more responsibility on her than she has ever wanted….

Okay, so that mainly focused on Vengeance but its far from done! Sadly though, you gotta wait until after Kakri’s out for the next part. Also let me say the last part that is annoying about blurbs of any kind, (hence my warning in the beginning) spoilers! There’s so much more I could have added but I didn’t want to risk it. So what did you think? Intrigued?  Let me know in the comments.

Teasers and Art

So I was feeling a bit artsy today in a break up to writing and came up with what is my first ever teaser that is anything but text. So without further ado I present the very first peek into Kakri: A Birthright Secrets Story.



The text for those who aren’t able to make it out:

“Then make them listen,” a quiet voice broke the silence. Liz whirled around to see a woman leaning against the wall a few windows over. “Giving up already does not seem like you.”

Liz felt along the window’s edge for anything she could use to defend herself, cursing that she didn’t have something on her before now. Her hands met a piece of metal she could break off in a decent chunk. Concentrating, she called on her ability, bringing the newly formed weapons up and well into view of the woman. The woman’s eyes widened but she smiled as though bemused at her actions. The eyes were a vivid sky blue that almost seemed to glow in the dim light. They struck Liz as even more exotic than any Eiren’s she had seen and more unnerving than her own. She took a step forward despite Liz having weapons trained on her. The light from the storm outside fell on her Liz saw that her hair and gown seemed to be almost constantly in motion. It was like a breeze or strong draft was blowing through the room though there was none Liz could feel. Both gown and hair were as white as the snow that was atop the mountains around Brookcavern, floating around her body.

“Who are you?” Liz asked shifting the daggers to warn off further approach.

And then inspired by how relatively well that turned out I made these:

keep calm Segennya                                                    keepcalmkellen

You can decide if they are warranted/ if I should post any more for anything other than my amusement.

First Peek!

Let’s kick off 2014 with the first teaser/ blurb of the year from Kakri the novella I’m working on- hopeful release is late Feb or March.

The Gods have long been silent in Segennya.

If Kakri has her way there is a Goddess who aims to change that. The new era the new ruler of Segennya has brought shows promise to that end with plenty of chances to do so; if she can keep her on the throne that is.  It won’t be easy, Segennya’s old grudges still run high, straining relations and setting off a hunt for ancient and lost treasure. The biggest trouble comes in the form of one of the most natural things, forcing Queen and Goddess to work together to get out of it.


Yet Another Reflection Post for 2013

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, mine was great except for this post-Christmas cold I’m dealing with now and in turn have apparently given every member of my house in some degree. Today is the first day I’ve actually been semi-productive since Christmas Day and is definitely not how I wanted to spend my last weekend of 2013. Speaking of the last weekend I suppose I should pause briefly and look back on the year, usually I don’t really- one year at times seems to blend into another but this year is totally different. It’s been an emotional roller coaster, the best and worst but all that aside, what a year. Beginning with the build up to wedding and eventually the actual day it has been amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a better day despite the few rain sprinkles that popped up. I swear people were always like you won’t remember your wedding, it will all be  blur and the only part you will remember is the reception so no need to spend a ton on it. I remember it pretty well, I remember walking down the aisle on my father’s arm, him giving me away in his joking way and standing there next to my now husband as the wind blew through the trees kicking up the hem of my dress. I remember after looking out over the crowd and seeing a bunch of tears being wiped away and the smiles and laughter. I also remember how many jokes to not go through  with it were thrown about even well after the ceremony was done, the best one was probably the miming of going fishing instead that was done days before. Fast forward to starting my senior undergraduate year of college at long last, and my last semester earlier this month. And then finally just over a week ago releasing my first published novel to the world, Vengeance of Segennya which finally fulfilled that dream for years ago that started in the classrooms of high school when another story encouraged to do it. Oddly as I told a friend who brought it up recently I still have that story mostly intact last I knew, whether it will see the light of day yet I don’t know but its fun to look at remembering where this all began.

As far as what 2014 holds, well as you know there are two books planned for the year. I had meant over the past few days to get a fun post regarding Vengeance put together that I started just before Christmas but have yet to do it.  So I hope now that I’m over this cold at least mostly I can finally finish that. Also hopefully in the next week or so be on the look out for the first looks at the first 2014 book.

Enjoy the last bit of 2013,


Oh Look- Blurb Time!

Enjoy the newest back blurb!

She served him wholly and unwavering, so why did he do this?

It is this question that plagues Liz, hired blade living in Ravenwood’s Lower Quarter after her employer orders her death and sends her fleeing from a burning city. Pushed on by her own desire for justice and keeping her family safe they set out to parts unknown and find themselves part of a much larger mission. Old friends return and the question arises of who to trust and are things indeed as they seem?

Not very long, short and sweet- and probably in desperate need of grammar fixes.  Regardless of that let me know what you think in the comments!