Free Things and Thank You

Darkness is nearing the finish line of the current draft- I’m thinking that it’ll end up slightly shorted than Vengeance but I’ve learned that ideas strike at random at times. Perfect example of this is how suddenly one of my villains got a rat that fetches things. I have a few ideas for teasers and excerpts coming up so stay tuned for that but I’ve been kinda buckling down partly in promo mode but mainly in creative mode. I don’t want to give too much away really I will say though since I’ve somewhat said it randomly on my Facebook page and stuff this is probably the meanest ending so far of all the books. I also have the cover mocked up/ worse case pretty much designed if something falls apart for what’s going on with it.

I’m also happy to announce- if you haven’t seen it yet that Kakri is currently in permafree status. So if you ever wanted to try my writing but were really sitting on the fence it is a good place to start- while it does take place after Vengeance it is a real standalone adventure really. Also for those who use idevices check the itunes store if you haven’t and you’ll get both books in there now as well.

Another note before I depart I want to thank you all again for all your support. It is because of you that I was able to break through the top 100 in three different categories with Kakri and the top 100,000 with Vengeance during this past promo. It blows my mind still that we were able to do that and that it still ranks as high as it is. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for it – it definitely keeps the hard times writing at bay.

Experiments Continued

Okay so its been pretty quiet, but for good reason. I’ve been busy typing away at Darkness which I’m hopefully going to finish another chapter of tonight. I did have this awesome news when I checked on Kakri’s rank today. If you saw the previous post a few days ago this experiment of mine has been going good.



The problem now is to decide if I should perma free it or not since its set as a stand alone as much as a sequel to Vengeance it is a good place to jump into my writing. Right now I’m torn but going am to see how the weekend and Monday go for me to fully decide. Regardless of how things go with Kakri- Vengeance’s fate is sealed- it is only available for $0.99 cents until evening Monday before it jumps back up to its regular price.

My mind so far I will say is blown by the experiment, I haven’t done any large promos on it at all – medium ones at best and alerting some of the blogs (Thanks to all those who have shared it for me) but still have had a good amount of success. Thanks all for your continued support! ❤

Great Things to Wake Up To

So yesterday I finally was able to start a semi-experiment/ uncharted territory when Kakri was made free for you all to “purchase”. I didn’t do too much to get word out about the change and just left it. This morning I wake up to this upon checking the page:


So I go to my  dashboard to see how well exactly it fared and was pretty pleased so far given my advertising efforts so far. Then as I was flipping randomly through the different Amazons I saw I had sold Vengeance of Segennya overseas making it my first international sale. Now here’s hoping the momentum continues- its definitely put me on cloud nine today.

Obligatory reminder because yeah- Kakri is currently available for free, and Vengeance of Segennya available for 99 pennies! Also if I didn’t mention it they’re both now on the iTunes store for you apple users! Kakri and Vengeance 

Face Lifts Continue



Seriously I swear some days cover art simply doesn’t want to cooperate- which led to a quick one am editing session on my part. Mainly what happened was the text wasn’t positioned just right so was overlapping on got rejected by Createspace’s filters because of it. Then I get the bright idea- well I have to fix this anyway lets do the back again real fast and make sure that blurb is all it can be really. Well lets just say it led to both a revamp both in look so it was more in line with Kakri’s and a complete overhaul of the blurb really. I think honestly there is one line that still is mostly untouched by to its original form. So with out further ado in case the smallish preview isn’t easy to read:

Segennya is no stranger to wars of power and bloodshed. It is a fact that Liz, a hired blade living in Ravenwood’s Lower Quarter, is all too familiar with as well. For a while it seems the cycle has been broken; a sense of normal has been established through the current group’s blind eye to everything but their own desires. Liz has her own normal, working for her Lord and is simply content with that.
Until one night…

One night Liz’s entire world crashes down, her code of honor shatters and she is sent fleeing from a burning city. Questions need answer but first Liz must reunite her family that survived and decide what lies ahead. As things become clear in regards to what happened the full plan is made- those responsible must pay.

Setting out to parts unknown Liz finds herself the rallying point to something much larger. Threads are being cast all over Segennya entwining strangers as allies. The success of their mission hinges on Liz’s answer to one question. A question that has a right answer, but it is one that Liz must choose between need and personal comfort to give.

So why all this overhauling? Well the books are a few months old in the case of Vengeance and I’ve learned a bit on blurb writing since, I’ve learned more about the world and I’ve learned what I can and cannot giveaway with the deeper blurbs I’ve written. Are the changes necessary since no updates were really done to the artwork? Probably not but I think everything is just a lot better by having done it- sometimes that’s all that matters.


Facelifts and Sales

coverswitch2                                    BookCoverPreview (1)

I present- as soon as everything finalizes, the newish covers for Vengeance and Kakri. I say newish since they essentially have the same cover art though I considered updating it to more normal lines but I rather like the uniqueness of these so just the text effects were done. I think though it makes the pop a bit more, and definitely solves an issue I was having on Kakri’s cover of blending with the text but doesn’t overwhelm the cover. Kakri also got an updated blurb.

(For those who don’t want to click on the cover.)

The Gods have long been silent in Segennya, but that’s about to change.

Kakri has long watched Segennya fight and struggle from a distance. Liz’s new age has so much potential she can’t help but step in and try to preserve it. Tensions still run which doesn’t make the task easy. Making matters more complicated someone is using them to start a hunt for treasure long lost even to the Gods as a means of stirring up mischief.

It seems as though Kakri’s plans against this are working; at least until the day Liz and the Goddess find themselves trapped below the earth. As the pair attempt to find a way out, they discover the earth has treasures of its own and won’t let them go easy. Soon, a battle ensues to navigate and survive as a mistake of Kakri’s resurfaces and proves far worse than she thought.

I also want to announce until 4-11 both books are for sale for 99 pennies in ebook format, get them while you can!

Magic of Segennya Part One- Liz

Segennyian magic is somewhat unknown to its human population in Vengeance of Segennya though it does see a resurgence of sorts in Kakri. At the same times these systems of magic are somewhat elaborate and interwoven except for a couple areas. The main one of these systems that fall into the latter category is Liz’s ability. So now let’s enter what is essentially the 101 course to Liz’s magic.

– Simply put Liz’s power is the ability to form a weapon virtually out of any substance at will so long as her physical body and mind holds up. A bar of iron will form something out of Iron, a stone will make stone, etc.

– Essentially Liz’s power is linked to her physical strength, if a fight goes on long enough she will eventually lose focus and the shape of the weapons as her body tires from exertion. The same happens as well if she is too wounded in battle.

– How they are formed is concentrating on the shape and use of the weapon you desire- this means completely custom designs are possible- and holding the shape in your mind as your ability causes it to take shape in the medium of choice. After formation only a portion of the will of the user is needed to maintain the shape allowing the mind to be free to make use of the tool and actively engage in battle since even a subconscious level of awareness fulfills this need.

– The material that weapons are being formed out of do not always have to be a large amount of the material such as a what a blacksmith might use to form a weapon with normal means. At the same time it is restricted somewhat in how little of a material it can work with, it can’t form a weapon of any real substance out of just a tiny bit of material like a chip off a larger piece of stone or a sliver of wood can’t form a  full weapon.

– The exact amounts that are the cut off are unknown as Liz is the only living practitioner of this form of magic and typical errors on the side of practicality then experimentation to see limits. In addition in Kakri does expand what materials can be used (and that’s all I say in fear of anti-spoiler mobs 😉 ).

– As far as defensive practices, making shields, armor and the like, it is unknown if Liz can form these things since as previously mentioned she has never tried to experiment and her previous applications had little use for making such items.

-It is believed that Liz’s power comes to her from her father’s line since to date no Eiren, Uranyian or Inarnian magic works that way to tie her to those disciplines which also might make it a strictly human school.

– As far as documentation there is relatively little, most documentation of human magic schools in general have been hidden or more than likely destroyed at the time of Vengeance of Segennya.  Recovery efforts in this regard have been slow since the events of Vengeance.


Okay I confess- this looks like one of the most basic, basic intro guides to a magic system in existence. I will probably update as the books progress and the fear of spoilers is not as great since the older books won’t be just months old. I feel though this gives a good overview of what Liz can do, her limitations and hints at future prospects for her abilities as she is a bit freer with her powers now. So my question to you is what aspect of Segennya do you want to see next? I plan on making this a bit more of a regular feature on the blog whether weekly or more often I’m not sure yet. I have a few ideas but I wonder where people might be more curious about the world and want to touch areas of interest first so let me know in the comments!

Venturing out in Promotion

There comes a time in any author’s career, especially starting out when the word of mouth promotion that happens when it is all exciting and new dies- just goes silent. I’ve been sensing that day was coming for me, and it finally has. It is really unrealistic to expect it last forever unless you do have the books and the demand behind you. Regardless of knowing what was on the horizon I tried not to fret about it though it makes my job harder overall, having to focus a ton on one area instead of the balance of sorts I was doing between the writing and marketing. It is still possible to balance but I’ve found mood drags if no sales are seen for too long if only because then the doubt happens when really it is probably a combination of things, most of which is lack of visibility, that is the culprit. With this in mind I purchased my first actual promotion ad, and man am I nervous since I hope something comes from it. I’m still looking at other options, if only I had seen some while I was running my 99 cent deal for Kakri, but I digress.

My point is at some point the paying for an add is somewhat inevitable, luckily most, though not by the sounds of the most effective which runs insane at times price wise, are fairly cheap. The problem is finding what works and what doesn’t- which is where my message board stalking has come into play. I chose one that seemed to come up quite a bit on numerous lists going with the whole logic that numerous suggestions means more than one success story. By the way I do suggest hanging out on these message boards anyway, the company can be nice, many questions can be answered and networks established. I warn you though that some services do require a certain amount of reviews or star rating to use, also what seems to be the most effective ones which is somewhat bothersome to an author still getting the foot in the door. Okay- so this bothers me a bit more since I know its partly my screw up that did it because I launched both books without reviews lined up, something I’m determined to not repeat for Darkness. Getting people to review is like pulling teeth, blogs are filled up, though I still try and happy readers are somewhat up in the air on leaving them. I had one lovely review- my first five star actually, that came from a random giveaway I partnered with on another page, they had no obligation to read my book since it was a massive giveaway but it was amazing that they left a review let alone read it so soon after I sent it off.

So that’s plan one- and I should mention I say these things because I know there are plenty of other authors out there going through this same thing. The second part of this is my current debate, besides probably stepping up self promotion- ugh I hate this necessary evil- and maybe, though I’m debating how effective such a thing is in my genre starting a street team. Still need more research in that regard, since there are dangers giving someone else permission to represent you no matter how small, as well as trying to decide perks as far as joining beyond access to ARC’s since how can you promote what you might not have read and responsibilities of people joining. More voices being out there is good but not sure how effective such things are as far as fantasy since usually teams like that are better for romance from what I’m reading. That being said who knows, what might work and what doesn’t- a lot is an experiment until you find something that does work.

I should mention at the very least what I’m looking at that might be part of this equation, the cover- I didn’t go the traditional route of having a human body on either cover, that might be screwing me now because it lacks that tie with genre or even appeal though I’ve had a lot of good comments on how it looks at the same time. I’ve also been looking at blurbs seeing, what could be added or taken away to help boost things up a bit. Regardless of cause it is constant maintenance but one that will hopefully pay off in the end.

Obligatory Giveaway Reminders.

Quick post of reminders before I run back  to finishing up this chapter in Darkness’s Fury I’m working on. I’m running a giveaway right now for two sets of my books in ebook format- blog link is on the right side if you want to enter, and who doesn’t love free stuff? I’m also involved in a giveaway that includes a grand prize of a Kindle Paper White and a ton of other books, swag and other goodies from a ton of cool authors thanks to the lovely girls of For the Love of Books. I should note that Vengeance is the only book of mine in that giveaway since it was formed before Kakri was released and I was unsure of if I would make it in time.

I’ve also set out my shingle of sorts more out on Google Plus via a community, only because I like its organization over a page that way teasers and such don’t get so lost in the shuffle- not that much gets as lost as things do on Facebook but I’ve already voiced my opinion on that. If you care to join me head over here.

Giveaway part duex!

I interrupt your late night business to announce real fast that I have a giveaway kicking off in a little less than an hour to celebrate breaking 500 fans on the Facebook page. You don’t need to be a fan of that page to participate, I’ve added a widget below the mailing list sign up link on the right side so blog goers can participate as well. Unfortunately this shows up as a link and not a fancy widget so I wanted to quick post and let you know it exists.

Your mission, if you chose to accept it, is to enter to win one of the two sets of my books in ebook format. The giveaway ends in two weeks!

For those who for some reason can’t find the giveaway link it is below:
Ebook Giveaway

Holiday Fun

What is this- A writing post? Been a super long time since we had one of these. Anyway…

Segennya has turned over the course of developing Vengeance of Segennya from a small country that’s fairly vacant of any real depth to a world that rivals my husband’s worlds for the Dungeons and Dragon campaigns we run, and trust me the current campaign he’s working on has had about three months of just solid world building going on let alone actual open world adventure- I’ve been a bouncing point for ideas in that regard. But I digress. When Vengeance ended Kakri built upon this world a bit more and so Darkness has to as well. I didn’t want to expand it though in the same way every story but just adding either a new area that we explore via the characters. Sure that’s fun and all, and there’s a ton of twists you can get into with it but still…

So was born the idea of populating the world with holidays and other celebrations which if you go this route in books and especially any novel or story that deals with a world that is far from our own on how far different or not you want to go with it. I started plotting/ writing Darkness around Christmas and won’t deny that I have a love of that holiday so that was my starting point. From there it was a matter of how different to make the holiday and how to add a certain Segennyian twist to it. From here I tossed out modern things I could think of completely, kept it simple- candles, rather plain and simple decorations. (I really don’t dare say more because I imagine those who read my books want to see it there rather than here.)

Now like I said there should be something that somewhat separates it from the known, but at the same time you want a reference. Readers of any story are already suspending disbelief for some of the magical feats or general different physics that might at work to make things work for your story so you don’t want something drastically different. I think in the end I’ll end up with something in the middle, some things that do scream that they are of my world but more typical things like what I said the simple decorations and candles, getting everyone together… the list of possibilities goes on. You don’t have to go completely wild though, but make it fun,