Out of the Box

This week/weekend has been the busiest I’ve been in a  long time. In a separate post I’ll share some of the moments of the week, but right now what’s on my mind is what took place over this past weekend. First thing is first, which is really odd to me is when I was introduced at the wedding and other family events as my mother in law’s writer daughter promptly followed by the fact I do have books published for sale. Why is this odd you ask? Well, I don’t even introduce myself as an author yet, because I only have a couple books (and right now until revisions are done only one) out and to be honest in some circles of my family/friends  its kinda an odd topic and one that boils down to how much money, if any, are you making? I’ve basically decided to play it safe and if it comes up in conversation fine, but  I won’t initiate because it will either get brushed off or will somehow take a ride to where I don’t want it to, like money, and  sometimes, all the time , it’s simply too hard for me to gush about my own stuff. Never though has that been my introduction by anyone really, so it left me feeling a lot flattered and little bit just bewildered that it happened. I supposed that is the way of things though, despite in my case my writing at times being the thing swept under the rug in the corner until it become that thing we vaguely talk about by some and is absolutely loved by others. Having experienced both this weekend made me realize how that line is actually divided, those that ask about the books and those that ignore their existence because of whatever reason.

Let’s get this out of the way for the second part of this post – I’ve come to LOATHE my natural hair color over the years, which is a golden brown (which I like) during the summer if I’m out in the sun a lot and a really dull brown in the winter. So, since my parents gave me permission to experiment with hair dye I’ve pretty much stayed away from it. My husband and we’ve been together almost 7 1/2 years now has actually never seen my hair entirely natural. Now keep in mind, I don’t change colors too much, I’ve pretty much stayed red, though I did a stint at dark brown and have experimented with dark brown/ black and red highlights etc. and I often go a long time between refreshes unless I’m feeling rather uptight about how much root is showing for some reason.  So fast forward to a few months ago when the husband tried to convince me to go rainbow, I flat out said I’m not that brave, but I’d try a solid odd color, which led to us dying my hair purple. Spurred on by the success of that I decided to branch out even more after letting the purple fade away and go teal, which turned out to be more a turquoise, I point you in the direction of my instagram for a pic of it. Like my books the reactions were polar opposite about it, compliments one day and “what the hell?”/ “That better wash out!” moments the next.  Ignoring the fact that it is blue, and that alone might not to be some people’s tastes- which admittedly I might have hit a vein of on the second day and since most just commented on it being blue and not your typical blonde, brown and red, my honest thought as to why.

Still, I wonder why, since the initial shock wears off after a few, why such things remain when you don’t take the same path as others, and becomes a silly thing to be shoved away or just a sticking point that can’t be gotten over. Maybe its nature more than anything since some hurdles can’t be crossed because distaste for things are so great. It makes me sad though, even knowing that it will never meet everyone’s tastes, that something I do as a form of expression could be met with that much hate that is a wall an can never progress to a point of “hey- I don’t like the color myself, but it looks good on you!”  To me that last part is the key- if people can get that way with any problem there would be so much less just shit out there and what I was trying to say in a very rambling way in the first place. As far as my story, will I still go wild with colors? Like I told them when someone demanded the next time I see them, I have natural hair again- “We’ll see if I feel like it- I make no promises since its pretty much what I feel like.

Okay lovely peeps on a book related front there will be a giveaway posted on the Facebook page and if you have/favor Google Plus, I’ll throw it up on the community I made over there too.  As a heads up it’s easier for non-rafflecopter giveaways to do them there so get on either avenue at some point. The prize for this giveaway? A couple ARC copies of the new version of Vengeance of Segennya! Stay tuned!


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