Coming Out of The Cave…

It’s been a long, hair pulling week of revisions and we’re not done quite yet… soon though, very soon. I’ve had to cut back a bit the past few days if only for my own sanity though I’m trying to get it back up asap. For reasons as to why I took down the now outdated version- well, while it should automatically update for those who bought Vengeance already I don’t want to have people grabbing up a product that I am in the process of fixing. Right now it’s looking like late next week will be the earliest it will be back up.

Oh, also I’m on the lookout for Beta readers- probably to start in a couple weeks- for Darkness’s Fury. This gives me a bit of time to recoup a bit from my revisions of Vengeance and go over the chapters a bit so that they aren’t completely a mess. If you fill interested, please out the form below and I’ll get back with you. BTW- Sorry for the length, I was trying to cover everything I could think of coming up and get to know people at the same time so don’t let that scare you. Thanks in advance for all those who fill it out!



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