Sometimes You do Learn From Reviews

They say never look at reviews because they just get you down, well in my case my “bad reviews” and I  use that term because they weren’t that bad though took the time to message me personally either via goodreads messaging system or e-mail to tell me why their review was ranked as it was. Now I’m somewhat fortunate… these were arranged reviews via groups not strangers, but of course I’ve had some amazing reviews in that regard as well. Now, I only have a few reviews to date and the one that came earlier today was asking me if I still wanted them to post their review because of how low it was… still I told them go ahead though I appreciated them asking. I gave them the book for an honest review good or bad, and not all they had to say was bad. I did ask though they tell me why something was off and caused the review to be lower  in private which they happily obliged. After taking a moment to think it over- okay more than a moment since I still had to lick some 2 star review wounds but decided to take some advice, some which another reviewer had somewhat echoed before. Will it stop me from getting another low star review? Oh heck no, but it will hopefully stop the readers and reviewers from getting tangled up on the same stuff that is rather fixable and that I have probably fixed somewhat in future books.

So while I overhaul a few things- and I should have gone with my gut and did this a few weeks ago while I did the covers- Vengeance is completely off the shelves. I’m hoping it will only be for a week or two (at least ebook versions since print will take a bit longer) at the most but could be longer. Hopefully I survive the effort…


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