Great Things to Wake Up To

So yesterday I finally was able to start a semi-experiment/ uncharted territory when Kakri was made free for you all to “purchase”. I didn’t do too much to get word out about the change and just left it. This morning I wake up to this upon checking the page:


So I go to my  dashboard to see how well exactly it fared and was pretty pleased so far given my advertising efforts so far. Then as I was flipping randomly through the different Amazons I saw I had sold Vengeance of Segennya overseas making it my first international sale. Now here’s hoping the momentum continues- its definitely put me on cloud nine today.

Obligatory reminder because yeah- Kakri is currently available for free, and Vengeance of Segennya available for 99 pennies! Also if I didn’t mention it they’re both now on the iTunes store for you apple users! Kakri and Vengeance 


One thought on “Great Things to Wake Up To

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