Face Lifts Continue



Seriously I swear some days cover art simply doesn’t want to cooperate- which led to a quick one am editing session on my part. Mainly what happened was the text wasn’t positioned just right so was overlapping on got rejected by Createspace’s filters because of it. Then I get the bright idea- well I have to fix this anyway lets do the back again real fast and make sure that blurb is all it can be really. Well lets just say it led to both a revamp both in look so it was more in line with Kakri’s and a complete overhaul of the blurb really. I think honestly there is one line that still is mostly untouched by to its original form. So with out further ado in case the smallish preview isn’t easy to read:

Segennya is no stranger to wars of power and bloodshed. It is a fact that Liz, a hired blade living in Ravenwood’s Lower Quarter, is all too familiar with as well. For a while it seems the cycle has been broken; a sense of normal has been established through the current group’s blind eye to everything but their own desires. Liz has her own normal, working for her Lord and is simply content with that.
Until one night…

One night Liz’s entire world crashes down, her code of honor shatters and she is sent fleeing from a burning city. Questions need answer but first Liz must reunite her family that survived and decide what lies ahead. As things become clear in regards to what happened the full plan is made- those responsible must pay.

Setting out to parts unknown Liz finds herself the rallying point to something much larger. Threads are being cast all over Segennya entwining strangers as allies. The success of their mission hinges on Liz’s answer to one question. A question that has a right answer, but it is one that Liz must choose between need and personal comfort to give.

So why all this overhauling? Well the books are a few months old in the case of Vengeance and I’ve learned a bit on blurb writing since, I’ve learned more about the world and I’ve learned what I can and cannot giveaway with the deeper blurbs I’ve written. Are the changes necessary since no updates were really done to the artwork? Probably not but I think everything is just a lot better by having done it- sometimes that’s all that matters.



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