Endings, Careers and Growth

Sunday marked the final day of my undergraduate career coursework wise, I still have to take the test to actually continue with graduation but most of the work is behind me at this point. Its a bittersweet time really, its taken me a bit longer than most to finish this program and while I’m not leaving the halls of academia behind quite yet (my current day job plan needs a Master’s to do) it is a change. One- graduate to undergraduate is a whole different beastie, whole different expectations and whole different game. This is partly why I’m about to enter a fury of sorts of writing to get as much of my current ideas done as possible- so a couple more books in the Birthright Secrets and another possible series I’ve been pondering will hopefully get a book. They won’t all be released at the same time by any means but the tales will be mostly in shape I hope. Now I could be completely overthinking it- and really probably am- still I’d like to get as much done as possible while I have less obligations all around. The extreme plus side of this goal is that Darkness’s Fury is a lot farther than I thought overall which helps out a ton.

Okay I’m digressing a bit on a real tangent there- anyway- back to the point. It’s really odd to think that, that point of my life is done even odder if I do say than when I got married. That was school my reality for over 6 years (and this is actually more if you include my time at my local community college), sure being married was huge but honestly I left the ideas of dating others and living that life behind years and years before I got married, back when I realized my relationship wasn’t as temporary as the ones I had been in during high school and would be going the distance I wanted. Graduate school after all is really the advanced work, the work that is supposed to say I know what I’m talking about because I want to be here and go on and advance my education. Its gonna suck when I find out I don’t know as much as I thought I did. (I kid here of course but hasn’t that thought crossed everyone’s mind at some point?) At the same time there’s only so much you can do to prepare and if you knew it all what would be the point, right? As scary as it is you seek out these experiences to grow as a person, to grow intellectually- to just grow, for better or worse. While it is somewhat odd to think about leaving behind familiar routines and classes what you gain can be so much more.

I can somewhat hear this now- but don’t you consider yourself an author? Why got for a degree program that’s so advanced but does nothing for your actual writing? (I say this is wondered since its no little secret that my field of study is in the political science realm and not English or some other related area.) Yes I consider myself an author, yes it actually was my first career choice back from those hazy days (from this perspective anyway) of sitting in the classes of my senior year of high school and writing in my notebooks because I was done with work or bored or both and in turn getting them stolen so others could read the next installment of the story. At the same time, who says you can have one thing going on and writing takes a long time, and in some cases a lot of books unless your name is *insert famous fast rising author here* to get a career going enough where you can solidly pay some bills and even then it might only be a bill or two you can meet to start. As much as I love telling stories, and the idea of doing that for a living, I also love the idea of making people think intelligently about the world they live in and passing on that knowledge I’ve gained. This stems from my own personal frustration of everyone and their brother in the age of the internet suddenly becoming experts in their views and sprouting every article like its the truth because it backs their own beliefs but refusing to see the other side what so ever. Yes I know- this has happened for years but its about a thousand more times pronounced with the age we live in.

Sorry- off soapbox and anyway… I’m of the camp  you never have to fully devote yourself to one path in the sense you can’t explore options and make sure you have an idea of where to go when everything falls apart. Having these actually makes the experiences you go out and seek a lot less scary- hell without it honestly I wouldn’t have started pursuing writing as a career option at all really. It goes against every piece of career advice given, at the same time was the one piece my mother gave me before she passed only about acting at the time. “You can do anything you want- just make sure you have that safety net to fall back on. But still do it and you’ll be great.” The net might be a long way away from you now- whether you’re  like me and looking at the next stage of schooling along with a newish, still somewhat risky career but still don’t be afraid to fall in it. The biggest regret for most is that they never took that chance at that ending stage of whatever phase of their life they were in.


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