Obligatory Giveaway Reminders.

Quick post of reminders before I run back  to finishing up this chapter in Darkness’s Fury I’m working on. I’m running a giveaway right now for two sets of my books in ebook format- blog link is on the right side if you want to enter, and who doesn’t love free stuff? I’m also involved in a giveaway that includes a grand prize of a Kindle Paper White and a ton of other books, swag and other goodies from a ton of cool authors thanks to the lovely girls of For the Love of Books. I should note that Vengeance is the only book of mine in that giveaway since it was formed before Kakri was released and I was unsure of if I would make it in time.

I’ve also set out my shingle of sorts more out on Google Plus via a community, only because I like its organization over a page that way teasers and such don’t get so lost in the shuffle- not that much gets as lost as things do on Facebook but I’ve already voiced my opinion on that. If you care to join me head over here.


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