Holiday Fun

What is this- A writing post? Been a super long time since we had one of these. Anyway…

Segennya has turned over the course of developing Vengeance of Segennya from a small country that’s fairly vacant of any real depth to a world that rivals my husband’s worlds for the Dungeons and Dragon campaigns we run, and trust me the current campaign he’s working on has had about three months of just solid world building going on let alone actual open world adventure- I’ve been a bouncing point for ideas in that regard. But I digress. When Vengeance ended Kakri built upon this world a bit more and so Darkness has to as well. I didn’t want to expand it though in the same way every story but just adding either a new area that we explore via the characters. Sure that’s fun and all, and there’s a ton of twists you can get into with it but still…

So was born the idea of populating the world with holidays and other celebrations which if you go this route in books and especially any novel or story that deals with a world that is far from our own on how far different or not you want to go with it. I started plotting/ writing Darkness around Christmas and won’t deny that I have a love of that holiday so that was my starting point. From there it was a matter of how different to make the holiday and how to add a certain Segennyian twist to it. From here I tossed out modern things I could think of completely, kept it simple- candles, rather plain and simple decorations. (I really don’t dare say more because I imagine those who read my books want to see it there rather than here.)

Now like I said there should be something that somewhat separates it from the known, but at the same time you want a reference. Readers of any story are already suspending disbelief for some of the magical feats or general different physics that might at work to make things work for your story so you don’t want something drastically different. I think in the end I’ll end up with something in the middle, some things that do scream that they are of my world but more typical things like what I said the simple decorations and candles, getting everyone together… the list of possibilities goes on. You don’t have to go completely wild though, but make it fun,


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