The Next Blurb

Darkness Fury is really speeding along overall. I say this compared to Vengeance at this point last year. It’s far enough along I can finally reveal the rough, unedited back blurb. Let me know what you think!

Secrets within secrets, plans within plans.

Whispers of warning constantly reach Liz’s ears but its heavily disguised with lies and confusion of a coming storm of an unseen enemy. The only thing they know for sure is that whoever this enemy is those that know won’t or can’t say due to their influence. Still, life goes and and she’s not one to bog down on possible threats. Her second year as ruler is approaching just after Segennya’s first real holiday celebrations and its time to reflect and look to the future in more ways than one. As soon as the land awakens from its winter slumber it seems all has broken lose, the Eire are busy fighting in their lands, attacks rip across fertile farmland and the southern reaches of Segennya by things that only have existed in Inarni and Uranys nightmares. Despite the splitting of allies they march toward war, hopefully to hold back the darkness before it consumes them all and force the enemy fully into the open.


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