It’s a News Explosion!

First, author spot light will be posted later today but first announcements galore! It’s been a few busy days over here and I’m not just saying that because finals week is upon me and kicking my butt when I want nothing better than to simply write my stuff and not papers. I digress though.

1) Newsletter! In case you missed it we have a nice shiny newsletter- link is on the right side of the blog there. Sign up to stay current with news, and get it before most other places will along with some possible exclusive goodies. I won’t bombard your inbox but I will possibly send one out once a week unless its a week I really don’t have much to announce.

2) Best Book Cover 2014! There’s a lot of cool covers up for this but so is Kakri: A Birthright Secrets Story! If I don’t say so myself it’s the best, but of course I’m partial. It’s entry number 69 (scroll down and entry numbers are at the very top of the images) and voting opens up tomorrow March, 1st! So head over and bookmark this page and please help get Kakri to number one!

3) Future Books! The ending to Darkness’s Fury has been written and boy is it a crazy one-it’s hubby approved though so that’s cool though his reaction- you might want to tone their wounds down a bit, they should be dead by the end of it. No, sadly the whole thing isn’t done but its still coming along nicely. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it but tentative timeline for it is September release. The ending has prompted me to safely say there are at least two more books lined up after Darkness’s Fury, one full length and one novella length like Kakri. How many more will there be? Well that’s honestly somewhat up to the characters, while some may fade away and depart so long as I have ideas and characters we can go on forever.

4) Store! This is an idea I’ve been playing around with for ages and the keep calm pictures I did a few weeks ago really kinda cemented it for me. Link’s over on the right side too but you can also find it here. There’s only a a few images available, both the covers for Vengeance and Kakri along with the keep calm pictures but expect more to be added as things go on but there’s cool stuff like stickers, nook and kindle covers, and other electronic cases as well as shirts and other things like that.

Kakri’s still set to release next week as of right now- here’s hoping we run into no more interference and issues. We’re still partying over on Facebook though we might do a few other things so I can hope you join us and hang out!


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