Author Spotlight- Introducing Jerome Brooke

For this week’s spotlight it is my pleasure to introduce Fantasy and Science Fiction Author, Jerome Brooke!                 Swords_of_Iron_Cover_for_Kindle

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Jerome Brooke lives in the Kingdom of Siam. He is the consort of Jira, a princess of the lost Kingdom of Nan. He has writtten Swords of Iron (Amazon) and many other books.
2) Where can we find you on the internet?
3) Why did you chose the genre you write in and how would you describe your writing style?
I write F & SF inspired by the old pulp fiction of the Conan series.
4) Tell us about your latest book.
Astarte the Immortal is a history of the Dark Empire ruled by the Divine Astarte. The book is set in the distant future of the multiverse. Long ago men of the Elder Race sailed to the stars, and fostered many new civilizations.
5) If you could live in any world from a book or movie which would it be and why?
I love the adventures of the Conan film.
6) What was your favorite book growing up?
I loved the Conan series, as well as the Tarzan series.
7) The infamous question- what advice would you give to any aspiring and new authors out there?
Consider self publication.
8) What are your preferred method to use while writing and environment?
I like to work in the mornings.
9)What are your favorite games (tabletop and/or video)? If you’re not too much into gaming (even monopoly counts!) what are your other hobbies?
I write poetry.
Thanks for taking the time to share this with us!

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