Birthright Secrets- In a Nutshell

Allow me to set this up, and I suppose I should say possible spoilers?

I hate blurbing sometimes, I hate it. Takes me three or four times to maybe, maybe get it right and even then tweaking is necessary usually. I can never get the language to sound as good as others do and so the whole thing seems like trash. The same sometimes goes for the whole on the spot- oh you’re writing a book? What’s it about? -that sometimes people pop on you randomly when its mentioned in conversation or they are genuinely interested. Suddenly your brain freezes and though you’re proud of what you wrote you don’t want to sound like a bambling idiot about it either. The same sometimes goes for self-promo posts which was what I was just doing  and spawned this…

Birthright Secrets is an epic fantasy series that follows the hired blade, Liz, a woman who has spent most of her life living according to as much of an old code of honor as she could while living in a world that was constantly twisting it. Living on the edges of society Liz starts working for a man, Lord Durj who become the only family she has known along with his sister Cat and mutual family Terra. She also finds a bit of romance in the form of Kellin, though her duty to Durj often causes her problems there sometimes. One night changes all this and Liz finds her code torn apart, betrayed and fleeing for her life with Cat and Terra. Liz wants answers though and she doesn’t care how she has to get them but instead finds herself at the center of something she couldn’t imagine in her wildest dreams. Yet it all seems to rest on her answer to one question, the correct answer is one that she doesn’t need since she’s got enough on her plate making sure she can finish this job and working through her rebuilding romance and throw more responsibility on her than she has ever wanted….

Okay, so that mainly focused on Vengeance but its far from done! Sadly though, you gotta wait until after Kakri’s out for the next part. Also let me say the last part that is annoying about blurbs of any kind, (hence my warning in the beginning) spoilers! There’s so much more I could have added but I didn’t want to risk it. So what did you think? Intrigued?  Let me know in the comments.


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