Good Morning Sunshine

*Edit- so I started this post a few days ago- luckily the weather is still holding up despite a mini-blizzard yesterday morning so it still applies, well except for the temperature since its back flirting with freezing.

I can’t tell you how great it has been to see the sun the past few days- given how this winter’s been I’ve been thinking we’re in the middle of  a heat wave. We were coming out of the store last night after we picked up a few last things for dinner and the first thing I noticed once again in awe was that it wasn’t A) Snowing and B) Way too freaking cold for anyone with sanity to be out. As I told him when picking years to start school from a kid’s stand point my son couldn’t have done better, playing fondly the old woman who goes: “Back in my day we had to practically beg for a snow day!”

It was true  we never, NEVER had snow days and keep in mind I’m only talking almost 8 years ago- and with that typed god, I feel old. What made us most mad about this arrangement is that a lot of us were considered country, meaning last on any plowing lists so while half the county got to lounge around and sleep in  we’re still trudging up to buses and from parking lots to make it to school. What made my line even better though was the one my husband followed up with: “When I was in school we had to walk both ways in snow… uphill…” and there’s more but I won’t directly put it. Ever see that ventriloquist, Jeff Dunham? That line his puppet Walter says about the walking to school back in his day- yeah basically that.

Seriously, can we have spring yet? I will be so happy if we can get through the rest of winter with only mild snows and maybe a few days below freezing and not in the mid teens if not lower. I swear at this rate I’m going to have snow piles in my yard until June if not later. If that’s the case the hubby’s hopes of a decent garden this year might be dashed, that or I’ll be having a jungle in my house as he finds a way to still have one.  At the very least  it seems to have flow by since it seems like just yesterday we were still in the thick of the holidays. A small thing I suppose overall but it counts.

*Stares at the term paper looming next week* I suppose I should get started on this a bit more but oh I don’t want to. I much prefer the realm of being a procrastinator and it s very much my natural habitat but I have other writing due at the same time so even getting a mild start works out better for me.


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