Changing Plans!

So different blog post than I wanted to post today, I was actually going to finish a blog post from yesterday that I started but life decided to say forget it. Today I still might go and finish it but this is a tad more important to at least put out there considering how much I’ve been talking about it lately.

Sadly with a heavy heart I have to announce that Kakri’s release has been delayed due to some foreseen circumstances. Tentatively I’m hoping to make a new date of March 7th, since everything- fingers crossed will be well and done by then. So the party has been moved until then as well despite the later date I’m still looking forward to hanging out with everyone and hopefully given it will be two weeks later we’ll be able to make it bigger and better. Yeah, I’m trying to look very much at the positive of it all.  In addition I’m extending the sale on Vengeance of Segennya until around then as well, exact date such as if it will go past the 7th isn’t known right now.

Wish I had better news but what can you do sometimes, great thing about indie publishing, no deadlines just hate I had to break a date I had set a month in advance. Sorry again my lovelies, and thanks for your support.


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