To Launch or Not…

Holy crap, Kakri’s less than a week away from launch and this weekend in between assignments and other things, mainly writing. I’m at this point hoping everything stays on track for the day we’re running quite a bit behind what I feel comfy with but I think we’ll make it- barring more delays. At this point I should disclaim that this will be the e-book only launch and the paperback will be delayed a tiny bit due to the delays. So among all this I’ve spent the past bit debating on how big of a deal I plan on making this. Kakri’s technically book number two and a novella at that- usually fuss and big blow outs seem to be reserved for novels and your first book being the biggest. Due to how I released Vengeance it didn’t get all that. Then I’m like oh solution! I’ll just have a delayed celebration for Vengeance as well. So I start to plan it.

Then comes the fear, so I stop completely and find myself where I am now. And forgive how just down this might sound but its worth mentioning because I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one out there with the problems I’ve been having. Anyway, I’ve been trying the past bit to do a few giveaways, yes as I mentioned on that dreaded site called Facebook. So for Valentine’s Day as well as having Vengeance on sale I decided to do a flash giveaway for an e-book or two. Now I’ve had marginal at best success with giveaways at all to the point where I often just say screw them but I wanted to give it another shot, so I draw it up and let it take its course…

Nothing- so far- it still has a few hours left so it might change but for a contest type I see rather popular on other pages etc. I’m getting pretty lack luster results looking at it which is pretty unchanged from my previous experiences with it.

So now I wonder what am I doing wrong and to tie it in the top of the post as to if this is how a giveaway goes, how should I expect a party to go? Hence the fear… at some point yes you must take the plunge yes not all strategies work for every type of book but seriously, who doesn’t like free? I’ve done the research for the most part, I seem to be in constant adjustment of marketing plan. I try to balance book related news like crazy and life in general. I actually probably somewhat over do it- and kinda am blah appearing because of the lack of hype, if I am posting about the book I try not to have it come across as buy my book PLEEEASE!  Seriously though I can’t do self promotion to save my life so it still might sound like it. And damn I’m really struggling now to make this not seem like poor me, poor me etc. since this isn’t the point. The point is whether I should do a book launch party online.

You know what I think I might do the book launch anyway- I need to celebrate at one point what I’ve accomplished in a more public place, whatever the outcome of attendance. And I think I have a better way of putting this problem I ended up talking way too much and too long about in a much better way,  I’ll probably post that later today.

So my new question among this chaos for those out there- any suggestions on which might be better- Facebook v. Google? Keep in mind I don’t have a webcam right now so doing a Google hangout is kinda out at the moment.  And any suggestions on how to make it a success?


4 thoughts on “To Launch or Not…

  1. Personally, I don’t think I’ll ever do a launch party or anything beyond the simple “cover reveal” / “countdown to book release”. Very likely all of my promotion will be of the “I wrote this book, how about these others?” I love to have conversations, to connect with people, but raw promotion feels so impersonal to me, and unless I manage to get an audience that wants that level of personal engagement I don’t see my stance changing.

    • Yeah it depends on the audience really if its worth it and your own personal tastes. Sometimes simple is best with just doing a countdown or something similar. I’ve done cover reveals for this novella and it was fun and seemed to work Raw promotion definitely seems impersonal to me too and something I still feel I risk far too often slipping into. I’ll give it shot though if anything it will teach me a bit more about my current audience since if anything I’ve learned about marketing you have to be prepared sometimes to change and learn if the signs are there something else is preferred. At least marketing wise, writing wise I still feel writing to yourself more is best because then you have that passion.

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