Before I….Something

Okay no witty title for this blog entry, after being  up at the ungodly hour of 5:00 am to take the hubby to work and still low on the caffeine intake my brain isn’t feeling witty.  Right now my munchkin is napping and I’m wishing I could join him, but I have stuff to do well before that point, if I reach it at all and don’t just simply call it a somewhat early night. I say somewhat early because I really want/ need to get some writing in- these past few days have been annoyingly not allowing me to get much done. I also need to go back over one last time for Kakri before formatting. (By the way have you seen the cover yet? It turned out amazing!) I’ve also been battling my computer betraying me and needing a reformat- thank god for using Google drive to back everything up though! So I’m running a bit behind where I’d like to be with it but still hoping that I can get the electronic editions out by the original date I  hoped to release by- fingers crossed here. That’s probably going to be the job for this weekend in between schoolwork since seriously… writing…I want to do it!

I do want to share, since I’m still really giddy about it Vengeance got its first five star review and rating on Amazon! Head over here– to see it. I will say Vengeance has gotten five star ratings before on Goodreads but this was the first one accompanied by a review. Got your copy yet? 🙂

I’ve also got a lot of cool authors to introduce over the next month and a half with the Author Spotlight. Its been taking off steadily and I couldn’t be more thrilled at how well it is turning out. Make sure you see the latest one for Agostino Scafidi. This Friday another one posts so keep an eye out for another author.

Okay before I go try to finally finish this chapter of Darkness’s Fury I will tease that I might have some surprises coming up for not only the release of Kakri but the Valentine holiday since everyone seems really keen on Liz and Kellin’s romance. *hits the evil laughter track* Oops sorry… *coughs* carry on.


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