Author Spotlight- Introducing Agostino Scafidi

It is my pleasure to introduce for our first Author Spotlight, the author of The Invisible Papers and The Anchor That Stopped The World, Agostino Scafidi!

IMG_20130826_224402                                 The Invisible Papers by Agostino Scafidi 800x741

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Well, I’m a born and raised Montrealer of Sicilian descent. I’ve always been a creative type and have always held creative pursuits at a high importance in my life. I am also interested in spiritual exploration as well as different perspectives relating to self-realization. I am a big music lover and I also play the guitar. I love food, my computer, tv, film and of course I love to read. I am a fan of the “underdog” in many aspects of life yet at the same time I respect and hold certain traditional things in high regard. I don’t like labels or labelling myself. I have fun arguing for the sake of arguing!
2) Where can we find you on the Internet?
I’m on twitter @AgostinoScafidi, and my books are available on the Kindle store
3) Why did you choose the genre you write in and how would you describe your writing style?
So far I have written two very different books, although they are both Fiction. That being said, Fiction intrigues and inspires me the most because I have a wild imagination. Sometimes I want to write a very serious academic style non-fiction book but I don’t seem to have the right background or a suitable foundation to do so. I also tend to jump from subject to subject rather quickly and devoting all that time to one makes me feel like I’ll miss out on so many other things!
My writing style is my own and I strive to make it more and more my own. The way I do that is to continue to look inward and not be influenced by other people’s opinions.
4)Tell us about your latest book.
Ok well my latest eBook is called The Invisible Papers. This one came about very organically, in the sense that I started writing one day and along the way I would get ideas on how to better organized it and present it until it ended up being what’s published today! I don’t see how I could have written an Interior Monologue in the 3rd Person any other way and bring all that I wrote under the umbrella of Esotericism without having some faith that in the end it would all come together.
5) If you could live in any world from a book or movie which would it be and why?
Sometimes I think about that! I would love to have lived in pagan Europe (namely Italy), as my forebears did. I also have a very great respect and interest for the Native American way of life.
6) What was your favorite book growing up?
Off the top of my head, Mr. Funnybunny… if I am remembering the name right… It’s a Dr. Seuss book. I honestly can’t think of any other… Oh, probably Tales of Power by Carlos Castaneda. I really loved that one.
7) The infamous question – what advice would you give to any aspiring and new authors out there?
Well seeing as I am a new and aspiring author myself, I don’t know what I could possibly recommend to anyone else. I don’t regret self-publishing and sticking to my creative “guns” though. So I guess that’s what I would recommend if I had to.
8) What are your preferred method to use while writing and environment?
I like to write on my laptop or by hand with pen and paper. I do have a romantic notion concerning typewriters but I never went through all the trouble to get one and set one up and maintain it! Environment is irrelevant to me, as long as I have some peace and quiet or can be in a room alone. That’s all I need.
9) What are your favorite games (tabletop and/or video)? If you’re not too much into gaming (even monopoly counts!) what are your other hobbies?
I enjoy Chess, Checkers, although I wouldn’t say I’m great at either. I have dabbled with board games but I always lose at anything I play so I never got really into any. Video games aren’t my forté either, although I enjoy adventure games like Uncharted and free range games like GTA, just for a little while until I get bored! I prefer watching other people play actually! My hobbies are few. I tend to stick to keeping in touch with friends, watching tv and film and researching various things and people related to those tv, film and even music. I like to know a little bit about a lot of different things.
10) What can we look forward from you in the future?
You can expect me to be as clueless about the next moment as I am right now. That’s how I like it.
Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions Agostino, its been a pleasure.

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