The Beauty of Series

So I’ve become a bit of a world building nut since starting this book, it started so simple all those years ago, now I have neighboring countries and a much larger detail than I thought possible. Okay there is a somewhat perfectly logical explanation, my husband introducing me to role playing games. I was trying last weekend to describe Vengeance in a way that didn’t sound like your typical pitch. So this is what I came up with: Love tales of hired blades, betrayal, a touch of romance and a journey that starts out like a typical adventure then turns into revolution? And after I typed it out I thought about it and how it parallels if you run a campaign or something and start your PCs on a certain story line which they in turn derail and soon no one knows where the hell this is going. Well while I had a margin of more control than that on Liz and her companion’s actions- though there still were a couple times they through me for a loop and left me thinking – well what the fuck am I supposed to do with that? They still do – yeah current chapter in Darkness I’m looking at you for being guilty of this.

An added impact is my obsession with Pinterest that I end up bombarded by new ideas. Which led me to some issues as Vengeance prepared to launch and I saw a new idea that really liked for the world but had already established it as fact. So started somewhat the premise of Kakri and it kinda grew from there. The thing was I had to make it believable to make the change and wouldn’t have had the chance to expand the world that way if I hadn’t been doing a series. But that’s the fun of it, if you can fulfill the other believable factor then the world can change from book to book and is expected to. Mind you I don’t mean physically but just grow in some way, a new area explored that might be in familiar areas or a new depth being brought out. All you have to do is start out with the simplest idea even if it seems a bit far fetched.


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