Reflective Moods and Fan Fiction

I really should be writing on Darkness’s Fury but I wanted to do this post as well. The past weekend has been pretty… reflective, which if you read any of the early 2013 posts you know this side of me well. Okay I lied this whole past week has been pretty reflective and really freaking hard to get any work done. Remember when I was talking in those posts last year about chapters closing and opening? Well it hit me this week I’m coming up on yet another chapter done, today starts my final two undergraduate classes so after a minor panic about what major to use for my Masters or rather among it I came across a blast from my past. I started my writing journey originally in the realm of fan fiction of whatever show I was watching at the time- mainly in the Stargate franchises and X-files as well. (Lifelong nerd remember?) I was combing through one of the websites I read frequently on and used to submit my stories to when I happened across one- from now three years ago. Keep in mind but none of my fan fiction stories I posted ever were finished. Remember that voice I talk about over and over that tells you its no good? Well, I couldn’t get it to shut up so despite having a semi-decent following and reviews they lie forgotten. I was on a roll remembering how nice that time of my life when this show played an important part it I clicked. Call it childish or whatever but I refuse to deny the importance these shows played for me- it got me in touch with people, though I’ve lost contact as I fell out of fandom, that I could simply fangirl out with over silly things that were going on with the show. It really got me to embrace my nerdom though it would be years before I allowed my outer and ¬†internet personas to mix. And one spawned the awesome Christmas where I got Christmas cards from all over the world, it became a game at our house almost to see where they would come from next and I still have all of the cards. Hell, they even influenced partly my current career choice. And most of all it got me writing and feeling a lot less self conscious about putting what I wrote out there.t

So I looked at these old stories of mine and remembered how awesome those days were. I expected to cringe a lot at what I wrote years ago, and while there were some cringe worthy moments. Seriously so many repeating sentences and points I swear I was trying to simply fill a make believe word count. That being said the stories weren’t as bad as I remember thinking and actually made me wish I could go watch the shows again and maybe get a piece back of that time. Okay I know its impossible to get it back and knew it then but just to wander down memory lane would be nice. Unfortunately, that’s not an option since my only TV service is Hulu and part of my DvD sets have gotten wrecked or lost for whatever reasons. I also wished I could write again on those stories the same way but it wouldn’t be right to those stories and I’ve lost touch with the shows now, they aren’t as dear as they were so it would be wrong.

Maybe being able to binge on them would be the solution but I doubt it, but it allowed me to distract myself from the other problem that drew me to seeking distraction and reach the point that I should stay on the path that I was and not totally alter it for my now writing at least at the current level I’m going for. There’s time for that later I figure if I go onto my doctoral to double major but for now I can just improve my writing via classes. Example being those last two classes I’m taking for my BA- one is creative writing and the other linguistics for reasons…

So crisis is adverted and man do I have a busy week ahead. Cover reveal happens Friday and an excerpt will be shown that day too. I’m becoming super excited because the cover looks amazing. The Goodreads giveaway ends soon for two signed copies of Vengeance of Segennya- head over here if you haven’t yet and enter! If you’re an author head over and fill out the author spotlight interview questions if you haven’t yet at the top of the site here the first one is also being posted on Friday and poke your friends! If we get enough participants I might up how often it gets posted.

Okay… time to go writing.


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