Cover Reveal Doth Approaches!

Been silent here as well and for that I apologize, been busy running around doing a lot of poking around websites for marketing, editing Kakri and arranging a cover reveal and making a ton of phone calls about other miscellaneous things. I’m happy to say that Kakri’s cover will be revealed February 7th! It looks amazing, let me tell you. Thanks again to the fantastic Alyssa Ochs for the great images to work with. Right now I’m just waiting for the last bit of Kakri to come back to me and to go over it again myself before sending everything back for one last go, I’m hoping I can order my proof early next week no later than the later part of the week. Still set for release of February 21st! I got a few things rolling out in the next few weeks in addition to Kakri so stay tuned!



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