Coming Soon!

So got my first sight at Kakri’s cover art last night (which looks amazing) and we’ve been tweaking it today since the back art is giving us some issues. So expect the final cover reveal very soon! Now onto what I can announce:

Kakri’s now been added to Goodreads so add it to your TBR list today! It’s also gotten a nice shiny new blurb.

The Gods have long been silent in Segennya, but that’s about to change.

Kakri has long watched Segennya fight and struggle,though that time has passed. Liz’s new age has so much potential, if she can keep the new ruler on the throne to see it through that is. It’s a delicate situation though. Old grudges and tensions run high and someone is using them to start a hunt for treasure long lost even to the Gods to start mischief.

It seems as though Kakri’s plans are working, but then Queen and Goddess find themselves trapped below the earth. As they attempt to find their way out they find it’s hiding secrets beyond belief and the mischief above ground has much deeper roots.

And lastly, mark your calenders!  Kakri now has a tentative release date… of…February 21st, 2014! I got some fun stuff planned for the week it releases as well as up to so stay tuned for that.


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