The Never Ending Circle of Frustrations

Okay I swear this is the last topic on this- okay maybe not but I’ll try not to be as frequent on this… what is this? You guessed it Facebook yet again. I swear I don’t have an unhealthy obsession over this but I saw this article on another author’s Facebook page (S.J. Pajonas) and had to pass it on given the blog post recently about how bad reach can be. The article can be found over at Cnet and discusses that now just status updates from Facebook have even less reach because they’re undesirable on news feeds. Okay- lets do some numbers with the fresh author page. I have this blog set to auto post via publicize to all my social media, Facebook pages, Twitter, G+, Tumblr (BTW if you follow me on all these places I’m sorry for the spam everything I post something but not too sorry). On average 5 people are as many as this post shows up in news feeds including myself, a picture gets about 10. One thing I should mention before I only have about 107 fans on this page (which I realize now is redundant information because you can see it on the widget), the fan page for the Birthright Secrets as a whole is even more pathetic numbers. If I do a status message by the end of the day it reaches about 20 people on average, mostly besides just general interaction I also use these to pump blog posts so they get seen via the comments. Now I won’t even have that because apparently no one likes them. So remember how I was on the fence about keeping my Facebook page as a good hub of activity? Well while I’m going to keep it- I’m not going to definitely be using it as I hoped. In no way now- if it was before- is it an effective hub like this blog or another profile I have as to connect with readers. So actively building a Facebook base? Not going to happen that article was the final straw, marketing is hard enough I don’t need more frustrations.

So why did I just rant and share yet again another Facebook article, because I don’t want others to be surprised when their marketing efforts on Facebook especially fail since I’ve seen so many get caught off guard on it. I don’t want you to wonder what are you doing wrong, why isn’t this working? While no one is a social media pro, I’m definitely not- I struggle only a few times to not fumble over what I’m trying to do in regards to marketing with Facebook chances are your lack of interaction might not be your fault. So-what’s going to happen to your pages now you might ask? They’ll sit and I might get my street team to be a primary poster for it since this is set to auto share and poke my head in, but no longer is going to be very high on priority I think.


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