Giveaways! And Other Random Things…

So been sitting on the fence about getting Vengeance and can’t quite commit? Well fear not I have a couple opportunities for you to win a copy. First up I teamed up with the lovely ladies over at the Facebook page, Magic Within the pages (yes this seems to be a recurring theme) early last week to help them celebrate their 3000 likes by giving to their giveaway they had planned. No only can you win a couple copies of the an e-book of Vengeance but you can win gift cards, swag and other things from a ton of other authors. Giveaway just started a day or so ago so there’s plenty of time to enter- head over here for your chances at it all- giveaway is the tab near the top of the page. I also have a Goodreads giveaway that lasts until February tenth for two signed paperbacks of Vengeance. Enter here . Good luck if you enter either contest!

I’ve debated more giveaways really but they can be either hits or misses in my experience (mostly misses) and it seems much better to pair with people or go through a third party site like Goodreads. At the same time free does seem to attract people and I’ve seen authors offer almost daily giveaways and build up a pretty good following/ interaction. My only concern, and I have no data to back this up, is if they are coming/commenting just for the freebies since usually too this is how these authors start the day rather than interest in the books. Of course like I said it could be good and this might just be my bad experiences talking. Still stuff to keep in mind for any of you future self publishers out there or those really going into the marketing side of things.

I had a bit of fun taking a mini break from the Segennya books and setting off on the next planned series- well maybe series the idea hasn’t fully fleshed itself out, so I guess it was a bit of discovery writing. What came out of it was about 1500 words. This morning I tell my husband about a gun one of the characters uses and he looks at me bewildered and is like so its like high technology combined with magic? My reply, essentially. And that’s all the spoiler you get for now *cue evil laugh*. If the premise meets my resident fellow nerd’s interest and  intrigue then I’m at least heading in the right direction.


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