*Shakes fist* Facebook!

I’ve seen a drastic increase in people commenting on their reach on various Facebook pages over the past week, even my own have taken a hit on both pages. Its almost at times made me consider dropping them all together since it doesn’t seem worth it, at the same time having that outlet is nice and does draw in people that might just happen by as well as most of my personal network who are huge supporters of my work are on there. This way its rather nice to have an outlet if only to not have to keep cluttering up my own feed and be able to share more of what people probably watch my stuff for- news about my munchkin and life in general. So there’s no denying how useful it is and its used much more than like the closest counterpart G+- which I have but don’t use barely myself since as I said most of my network is on Facebook. Now I could do what they want and pay for reach but if I pay for things I rather put the money towards other stuff since even doing that feature doesn’t seem worth it. So I continue the debate.  At the same time I find myself after seeing post upon post about this and seeing it myself I find myself debating to change despite all this instead investing myself in a platform that is useful due to its user base but at the same time just  a giant frustration.

So what sparked this post? Well I’ve been marketing well even before Vengeance released and now am especially focused on it. Today I hop on twitter and see this video linked. It sums up pretty well the issues of Facebook for pages and even personal accounts and the importance of people engaging in posts since liking and indicating an interest is not enough to keep seeing the news.


4 thoughts on “*Shakes fist* Facebook!

  1. I saw that video on Google+, and it makes me thankful yet again that I decided to leave Facebook 2 years ago. I do a terrible job of maintaining contact across distance, so Facebook wasn’t worth it considering how much of my personal information they had access to.

    Ultimately, the decision to be on a social network or not is yours, and while in some senses “more is better” when trying to expand reach, if the network leaves you ill at ease, is it truly worth the reach you might get? For me, Facebook will never be worth it.

    • Really good point on the personal information, I admit I haven’t been as up to date on that part of why Facebook is bad as I should be so I didn’t comment on it. And yeah it totally is a personal choice and that’s the dilemma I’m now facing. While I’ll never pay for reach I have to ask is it worth the time as well? For now I’m getting more familiar with G+ and trying to see first hand if the grass is truly greener on the other side of the social media pasture or if its own problems are too similar to Facebook since I’m decently active on other sites.

      • If it helps your decision any, Google+ gives complete and total control of all information it asks for, to include the option to not put it in for virtually anything. It gripes to me ever so often about my lack of contact methods, but I don’t HAVE to put them in there.

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