Monday, Monday, Monday….

I swear now I’ve started a blog post at least five times over the course of the weekend. Of course this weekend was probably an all new low for me as of late. That was more on the writing end though, I created this new facebook page which has turned into yet another place where I share writing/ book related links besides my personal profile but then again I find it nice to break up the stream of status updates/ blog links. I also sent out a crap ton of review requests from non-family members for Vengeance, which probably didn’t help my writing progress at all since now I’m like worried will they hate it? This of course is probably not new at all to any author, except probably the most seasoned who have, at least if some of the things like blogs I’ve read either avoid reviews all together or just figure that reviewer wasn’t part of their audience. If I can ever get to that point, well besides just avoiding reviews I will be one happy lady. Adding to this fun state was the fact that I’m thinking of doing my first book signing too since the paperback is now available at Barnes and Noble- enough said on that one I think, lol.

That being said the review nerves didn’t stop productivity entirely. I managed to assemble some more of Kakri despite it not being anywhere near my normal word counts. How coherent the stuff I managed to get done is and so how much editing I will have to do. I also managed to piece together more of Darkness’s Fury’s outline. I must say I’m torn on length, I’ve hit what I think is officially the climax and intended since now that I’m finding my way much easier in Segennya on how much for Darkness to be longer than Vengeance. Now I wonder if I should try to maintain that goal or just maintain pace so it doesn’t get bogged down by unneeded details. The constant struggle, I swear on how much is too much and how much is too little detail wise. Right now though my current plan is to see where the outline takes me, where actually writing takes me and the revision/ feedback time. Much better than agonizing over it in my opinion, its easy to revise it to flow better later than to add a ton, and by ton I mean pages upon pages because stuff falls short. I did end up adding some details with Vengeance but it took a lot to get the parts to match up and become coherent but of course sometimes this is just unavoidable due to story progression. We’ll see which side wins overall, stay tuned.



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