That One Story….

Okay before I get too far into this post I have to extend a heartfelt thanks to all those who have bought, shared and just generally been awesome people in the past year but also especially since Vengeance released. Seriously you all are amazing with your buying the book and support on this journey. Eternal gratitude from me. Words cannot express what it means to see that many coming out in support of this venture. So once again thanks.

Remember that story that you, if you’re like me, have forgotten to the bowels of wherever you keep old stories? The one that is so awful, or so you thought, that you vowed never to speak/ see it again? Yeah, I have several of those and the one in particular is the one that actually got me considering seriously getting a story published because of friend support. I might have if time, money and of course my own fears didn’t get in the way honestly. But I didn’t and after re-reading it shortly after giving up the idea that I would ever be able to revise it I tossed it among other important (and some not so important) papers to vanish from my mind and sight.

But it didn’t- it actually resurfaced a few days ago when I was looking for something else among the papers that were filed away in the same light. Somehow this story has stayed with my belongings after four moves and having absolutely no care at all as to what became of it. Now normally I can’t stand re-reading something that old- at this point its been since the beginning of Vengeance that I last really, really looked at it. I’ve changed as a writer and as a person so seeing what 17-18 year old Tiffany, or younger, wrote isn’t that appealing and I’m quick to see the flaws. Something was different this time though, maybe its that I have one published book under my belt that I can look at my own stuff, regardless of age, and see the flaws and how to fix them instead of tossing them to the side like I had done. As I looked over the pages I remembered how cool I thought the story was- in reality I think it needs a bit more fleshing out, but not too bad. I remembered how much it was partly memoir in a way, chronicling the events of my senior year of high school and people I knew in some way or another. I couldn’t help but to smile reading about a character I named Grandma and had inadvertently made fun of my own in the same sentence, this became a standing joke as she later helped me edit a bit of it and often said I would need to increase the age of the character so it still came true. Then I came to the reason I set it aside in the first place, the most inaccurate trial in history, using a system that could never be used. I know this for sure now after 6 years of college, but even back then it didn’t ring true but I took the stance of: Research?! What is this thing?

As I looked at it though I began to see how I could shift stuff to avoid this issue, cross it somewhat with another story idea I was thinking of to play with to just give my head a break from Segennya with some writing so I don’t burn out on a world I love and have plenty of stories to tell in. The combination basically takes the plots from the story I wrote in high school and places them in this world of higher technology than in the original and up existing tones. So never say never to those old stories you think are unable to be fixed, enough time might just provide solutions to issues you never thought you’d get out of. I’ve heard the advice of sometimes you just have to let stories sit until you have figured this out, but honestly never believed them. How could a simple thing like time and moving onto other stories solve this mountain of trouble in an unrelated one? Of course reaching this solution also makes new issues, like deciding if this revised story idea should be added to my agenda as Darkness’s Fury steams along and Kakri sits over half written. Decisions… Decisions…


One thought on “That One Story….

  1. I’ve had a similar experience myself. I used to have this one idea for a story back in high school that seemed far, far too outlandish. Nowadays, i see ways i could change it slightly to make it better and more understandable. šŸ™‚

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