In the News…Aftermath and Advice

3e44b2389a2ae220cd33a5620f4b5717       (Ravenwood, Segennya)  Today Ravenwood awoke after its bloodiest night in recent memory. Much of the city still burns though the hardest area could be seen as being the area known to its residents as Lower Quarter. Today after extracting myself from the cellar of my house I went with the others to see  the man claiming at least partial responsibility for the events of last night.  This man calls himself Lord Durj, he is a former resident of Lower Quarter and apparently it is his vision we are now seeing come to life. According to what was told to the nervous crowd he sees himself as ushering in of a new age. I can’t help but to think how lucky we were, whether it will be the great, new age he promises though will remain to be seen. It has been said before and will no doubt be said again, still I cannot help but urge caution to all residents. Despite Lord Durj saying how different his stance is than others what we saw last night goes well beyond what has been left in records for takeovers. Until more is known keep an eye on each other, stay low- personally I recommend cellars- and simply mind your manners. As the dust and smoke settle no doubt we will fully see what is in store, not only for us here in Ravenwood but for Segennya as a whole.


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