The Little Reminders of Why it is Worthwhile

Today was a somewhat quiet Saturday for us anyway, there’s not even the sounds of video games being played on our television due to a friend’s cold or from the computer next to me. Instead my hubby finishes watching his show  before turning in I continue my all day struggle to get something done on Kakri while enjoying the Christmas tree for one of the last nights this season. (Yes I’m having a hard time already taking the damn thing down and am never one to rip it down a day or two after the official end of the holidays.) This was also the case yesterday though it was a different tree I was enjoying since we went over to my in-laws where I delivered a couple signed copies of Vengeance to my sister and mother in law. As we were chatting on the process, sharing with them how I did it since  we never have had a chance to really, really get into the behind the scenes stuff, running this blog, costs, setbacks that drove me up the wall- the list goes on and on but you get the idea. As we chatted my sister in law’s boyfriend’s daughter came upstairs from where they were watching a show  and they showed her the book. .

“Hey look at this,” my in-law’s boyfriend said to her. “You know how you love to write? Do you know who wrote this?”

She shook her head no. “That girl behind you, Tiffany,” he tells her.

She looks at the book then turns to look at me, mouth wide open. “Yup,” I say blushing unable to find much more to say really. She turns back to the book real fast then half looks at me again.

“See,” my sister in law tells her. “If you work hard you might be able to do it too.”

That, ladies and gentlemen is partly why I set out on this journey. To prove you can get past the gatekeepers, chart your own course and with a lot of hard work succeed in this thing that just years ago was essentially crossed off the list to the point of never going to do it. Sure I haven’t hit the whole payoff section of this all, I’m no overnight success but  I did it, I published a book and I’ll publish more. I have stories to tell plain and simple. And in these past few weeks of doing a more aggressive campaign to get word out about Vengeance being released in between holidays and looking forward to how to handle 2014 in that regard and what the year has in store its a nice reminder of partly why I did it in the first place. Hopefully when my son gets a bit older and can understand things a bit better he can take the same lesson away and apply them to his own interests, wherever they lie.


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