Yet Another Reflection Post for 2013

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, mine was great except for this post-Christmas cold I’m dealing with now and in turn have apparently given every member of my house in some degree. Today is the first day I’ve actually been semi-productive since Christmas Day and is definitely not how I wanted to spend my last weekend of 2013. Speaking of the last weekend I suppose I should pause briefly and look back on the year, usually I don’t really- one year at times seems to blend into another but this year is totally different. It’s been an emotional roller coaster, the best and worst but all that aside, what a year. Beginning with the build up to wedding and eventually the actual day it has been amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a better day despite the few rain sprinkles that popped up. I swear people were always like you won’t remember your wedding, it will all be  blur and the only part you will remember is the reception so no need to spend a ton on it. I remember it pretty well, I remember walking down the aisle on my father’s arm, him giving me away in his joking way and standing there next to my now husband as the wind blew through the trees kicking up the hem of my dress. I remember after looking out over the crowd and seeing a bunch of tears being wiped away and the smiles and laughter. I also remember how many jokes to not go through  with it were thrown about even well after the ceremony was done, the best one was probably the miming of going fishing instead that was done days before. Fast forward to starting my senior undergraduate year of college at long last, and my last semester earlier this month. And then finally just over a week ago releasing my first published novel to the world, Vengeance of Segennya which finally fulfilled that dream for years ago that started in the classrooms of high school when another story encouraged to do it. Oddly as I told a friend who brought it up recently I still have that story mostly intact last I knew, whether it will see the light of day yet I don’t know but its fun to look at remembering where this all began.

As far as what 2014 holds, well as you know there are two books planned for the year. I had meant over the past few days to get a fun post regarding Vengeance put together that I started just before Christmas but have yet to do it.  So I hope now that I’m over this cold at least mostly I can finally finish that. Also hopefully in the next week or so be on the look out for the first looks at the first 2014 book.

Enjoy the last bit of 2013,



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