Gearing Up….

So was in the final review stages for Vengeance, going along good and then see an error near the end that was somehow missed and had to start it all over again. I even went so far to see if I could find some of the older spellings I use that might let it go unchanged but alas there was none.  Now once it clears to be printable again I’m definitely going to have to put my perfectionist side away and check it well without that. Not sure how many lines and other things I have agonized over in this last go through that are in reality fine but are causing me pain. Despite the setback we’re still looking at hopefully a Friday release! *Cue nerves*

In related news Vengeance has now been added to Goodreads.  Click here *Ignore it saying its already out I apologize I left the day blank (Because I was nervous about calling it just in case) when I added it to the site and didn’t realize it would just assume it came out despite the month not being over. I can’t sadly change it until I’m granted Goodreads Authorship or will just have to deal with it since despite how many setbacks it will have Vengeance will be out this month. 

So what have you learned  you might ask, this expands on the list I made several entries before like with writing for the fun etc.:

One is make sure you don’t attempt this without the support of those closest to you, it will end up stressing you out to no end. Do not be afraid when people dislike your facebook page, they probably weren’t that interested in the first place (this commonly happens to me shortly I post an update and hit hard because of it at first).  Breathing is your friend, don’t try to do so many steps at once such as writing, editing, formatting and cover (yes I was smart I thought and tried it all). When editing you will find words that you use ten thousand times- I got really tired of reading through, though, still, or some combination there of, I honestly lost track of how many I had them in there. Also that you don’t have to delete every one of these words, and there still might be more than necessary but I deleted/ changed all I should have been.

No doubt this will be added to over the next few days time will tell and most if not all of these will be applied to Darkness and the novella  too. So any writers out there (published, soon to be published or not) want to add their tips?

Back to waiting impatiently,



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