‘Tis the Season for Memories

It seems my husband and I have this conversation almost nightly this time of year, for him Christmas is a time he sometimes rather leave than take. It starts too early and the start of the cold weather gets to him among other things. Me, I love it cold and all, at the same time its a bittersweet time for me because of how things have changed over the past few years and people who are absent, namely my mother. Christmas growing up started shortly after Halloween, when the baking would start to be prepped for which would officially start just before Thanksgiving and not fully end until Super Bowl Sunday. My parents went all out every year and my Mom was the major drive behind that, whether it was decorating the yard with an insane amount of lights, figures and even getting so crafty they made their own and had everything mapped out in the fall, riding around looking at other lights people put up or just being the center of whatever we were up to this week. Christmas Eve for us is and was a grand affair that was as good as Christmas Day, a house full of kids, parents and usually a visit from Santa, though that ended after a particular Christmas when Santa indulged a bit too much in the egg nog if you catch my drift. It’s these memories that make Christmas so special to me, and are ones I try to make with my munchkin now, the cooking, backing and while our yard isn’t big enough for a grand lighting display like I had when I was a kid we have tree, and a few extra lights.

As cliche as it sounds, it is truly the memories we hang onto, the memories that make the moments which matter. So as bittersweet as the season can be for me, for example I still cannot listen to some particular carols without tearing up I still love it because I hold onto those memories of Christmas past, the visits with family, Santa, driving my parents crazy with the same Christmas specials a thousand times by the time the month is over, the gingerbread houses that fill some of my earliest memories. So often as adults we overlook these rather simple things, we grow to hate our dislike our relations sometimes for whatever reason and/or being around them just causes us stress. We forget the magic that enthralled us as kids, and that’s something I never want to fully do. So sometime this season, take a moment and slow down, especially useful since we’re in the last couple weeks. Remember that state you were in as a kid this time of year and it might just recharge you. Make sure to take the time out and just enjoy, this coming from someone who has yet to even start Christmas shopping.

Now I didn’t for this post to go, so philosophical/ dreary at times but I suppose its somewhat unavoidable. I also avoided for the most part the material aspect because its not that important to me and there are other places and many discussion for that. So what are your best Christmas memories?


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