Looking Toward the Future

I’m still waiting rather impatiently for my proof copy to get here and I swear since I’ve been up I’ve checked for it a thousand times already. Yes, I know, I know…. doing that won’t make it get here faster, if it’ll even get here today. I can’t help it though, really I think its impossible though I have been trying to distract myself with working on the next project. Well that would be if I can decide which one to work on. Which leads me to my little preview of what you can expect coming up for 2014 from me.

First off is book 2 of Birthright Secrets, Darkness’s Fury is it’s current title. What I can tell you about this book so far is that it is about a year after Vengeance. And that’s about all I can say on that without giving too much more away since Vengeance isn’t out yet. Expect it out though, delays withstanding out near the end of the year.

Second is the shorter novella I am playing with, one that will fill the gap between Darkness and Vengeance. Its still in the really rough, still fleshing out the idea fully stage though. Just when I think I get a good handle on it, I find it muddled and not how I want it yet before I bang out more.

Which leads to my current dilemma of which to work on, the one is so muddled right now and I have many, many other ideas biting at me as well that I definitely don’t want to tell yet but they’re there regardless. Darkness is a lot more fleshed out, I’m currently outlined through chapter 7 so yes where I failed in NaNo getting writing done to the 50k I did do 7k and the outline. What I probably will need to do is silence the next ideas and just focus on whatever. Which is pretty much easier said than done.

Things to look forward to though,



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