The End is Nigh! Well I hope.

Of course I say this now and risk having it bite me in the butt later, the end is near. The final edits, at least major ones were completed yesterday and man was it a pain in my ass which of course is pretty much agreeable by anyone I think.  Biggest thing I think I learned, never let anyone but me read a story I haven’t at least been through once, as my husband puts it it’s very hard to translate “Tiffany” at times and actually takes stuff away from the story. We’ve been together almost seven years and he had a hard time reading through a fresh page of the book to help me edit.  Formatting is also done, and Vengeance sits about 331 pages long, it’s a bit less than what we were thinking it would be length wise but its okay because it’s not too bad of a size for a first book. Frankly adding more than what I have over the past weeks as I went through and strengthened weaker parts and just made it match up a bit more in tone.  PDFs were created which took about 11 of them to get it pretty much right at least to enter the next stages. It took so many because as I went through it, I kept catching stupid silly formatting issues in the main word document that drove me nuts and for those unfamiliar you can’t edit PDFs without some sort of programming I don’t have if at all. So that victory done, Vengeance is now in proofing stages.

I’m giving my brain a day break before going back over it for the last time before its finally unleashed in the world. I was going to say it will be out by X, but man am I hesitant to say it. Okay its partly nerves, I’ll be honest. But it’s also me not sure I can deliver, will I have some great brainstorm in this last pass over (which may or may not be my nerves acting up yet again)? Or will I just have set back after set back on this? I imagine I’ll be able to set it soon I think but we’ll see.

In the meantime enjoy the full finalized cover image (sorry for those on the Facebook page you’ve seen this already).


Until next time, when I’ll hopefully have more news,



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