Word Processor Wars- A Battle of Wills.

So Word and I have been having some disagreements lately as I’m going pretty much sentence by sentence in editing Vengeance.  These are just a couple of the exchanges:

*Green line for grammar errors pops up*

Me- No, Word I don’t think that’s wrong.

*Looks at suggestions and debates them*

Me- Okay even if it’s wrong I’m not going to be using either of those.

*Green line disappears for a second then comes back with a vengeance.*

Me- Have you ever tried those suggestions aloud Word?  I tried them both and they sound equally ridiculous.

At this point I swear that green line is just glaring at me with hatred as I move on and ignore it thinking myself victorious in the argument with the program but little did I know Word would have its revenge a few days later.

Me- Alright finally done with this long as hell chapter and fixing the formatting errors.  Now I just need to stick it in the book form document and I’m set.

*Selects all the text and sets about erasing that annoying line in between paragraphs.*

Me- Okay…. I selected the option why are those still there?  Maybe the document is messing up.

*Tries to paste it into the other document, doesn’t fix it and then Word tells me there’s too much.*

Me- Starts cursing

*Restarts Word entirely, gets told again there’s a ton on Clipboard.*

Me- okay let’s try this again.

*Tries the option and finds it already selected.*

Me- Okay that’s odd… *Hits backspace on an empty line* You’ve got to be kidding me Word!  You’re gonna make me delete every single on of these spaces?

*Word at this point is probably laughing hysterically at me if it could as I just trudge through deleting the extra spaces.*

Goes to show you kids, never ignore blatantly what your word processor suggests to you or it will make you do extra and pointless work.  This blog post probably amused at least a couple of you out there besides me, at least I hope it did.


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