Yup… Still Doing That One Thing.

You know, that one thing.  That one thing that is also called editing- which is why things have been so quiet here.  Good news is we’re getting somewhere and its not all- “This is the worst, most awful thing ever!  Why did you even write this let alone say you were publishing it?!”   I imagine most people, writer/author or not, are familiar with that voice out there.  Oh yeah there are times, mainly lines or paragraphs that cue that response, but then I remember as much as I and basically anyone with a creative passion would love its not going to be done perfect right out of your brain to the page.  You are going to have character moments that all just seems off the wall, the balance is going to be off between them like one gets a bit more of the spotlight than the others, and you are going to definitely have those moments of well this was a cool idea at the time but now it just sucks and needs to be replaced by a cooler idea or one that actually fits in the story.  I mention this stuff because while editing has been talked a thousand times over on various websites and blogs  and so much of these things are mentioned there because honestly I thought I would never be able to do it at all.  I thought I’d never be able to silence that voice that says “you suck,”  that I would never be able to get past the parts in the story that are just bad, go crazy and trigger that voice in some way making it impossible to silence and continue doing what needs to be done.  This is also why five drafts got essentially trashed before this with only a few ideas left intact at least in idea form with one of them not even complete when I did it.  Now keep in mind this isn’t one of those, if you can overcome all this- then you’ll be fine editing your writing yourself.  It is definitely not the solution for everyone though I think it is part of the solution, and for the most part it worked for me.  Now if only I can stop using various parts of grammar almost stupidly much… like commas.

In other news, and please forgive the mom moment for a second here, reached one of the last major milestones with munchkin this week, he started school this past Monday and man do I now feel old.  All in all it wasn’t too bad, he fussed a bit and is still getting used to the routine (he’s never seen daycare or been away too much fro Mom and Dad) and being told more than usual what to do.  At the same time when we drop him off he’s pretty much off and running often trying to go into other classrooms that are there, whether this is just him being eager or they’re just new places to explore still has yet to be seen.  We did the whole first day- hang out a few to see how he does the first day and even when I told him goodbye he was like “See ya- I’m just gonna play in the ball pit.”  So right now Mom is enjoying her time of quiet though seeing dawn again is definitely an adjustment I didn’t think I would have to do so soon after my high school days.

So Back to work and relaxing while I have the opportunity-



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