The End?- Being Proud and the Next Chapter….

Saturday marked the final words being typed of Vengeance in its mostly current incarnation.  I say mostly since editing has been partly underway for a while and has been launched over the past few days.  Now that its done after being so close to being done so, so many times and I’ve had a bit of time to reflect and celebrate I gotta say it is a one of a kind feeling.  It is crazy just how much relief you have that you won the battle with self doubt and the tears of unruly characters, of world building issues.  Of how much is too much or too little in the first book of a series like this.  Words cannot describe it though what I felt as I leaned back in my chair beaming because of what had been done, then eagerly rushing off to tell everyone and anyone pretty much instantly leaving the blog for further reflection.  So considering that this is Vengeance’s about 5th draft I wanna say, I honestly lost count of how many though I know I have noted it here before, considering how many times I had just stopped it was relief at first, then pride that I had done it.  So in my telling of my world that I had done it- not caring that it was basically midnight so any sane person was likely in bed or close to it and was like “Because I can be proud of this…”  Which is true, whether it’s finishing a 115,000 word novel your first time out, or finishing a short story, or screenplay or anything you pour your blood, sweat and soul into.  You did it and you can be extremely proud of it because that fact that you overcame all that and finished which is most of the battle.

So I spent an hour or so in reflection then as I sat there I realize I had something to do, my NaNoWriMo- which is Book 2.  So I opened a new document and let the words come, then starting thinking of plots, and titles and end goals and it came together so wonderfully it was amazing.  So like any good idea that comes so easily I charged in,  while I have a bit of catch up for the 50,000 word goal of the challenge I gotta say its not a bad start given the total time I’ve typed away at it.  So far it is kinda hard to shut down the editor and just let the ideas come but its a work in progress.  What will Book 2 entail?  Well that’s for me to know at the moment, I can tell you current working title that is very much subject to change but for now is sticking around is Darkness’s Fury.

So as I look back one final time on what I learned while writing Vengeance at least for moment I think on the good times and the bad and take them in so I can apply them to Darkness.  So in the words of advice I told someone who asked the other day I share it with you now (especially if you take this route I have with intending on publishing for sale):

-Write for yourself as you enjoy it, once you worry about what will sell or what will appeal to others it won’t work and will freeze you up.

– Take those advice sites and even this with a grain of salt- you’ll find what works for you.  Some tips can be useful to get out of a tight spot but it’s not universal.

-Don’t stress, once again it will freeze you up.  In the same line don’t let yourself get hung up and keep moving.

– Most Important  Surround yourself with people who will be your cheerleading squad because it WILL be needed at some point.  When that voice that tells you that you suck and what the fuck are you thinking just gets too loud.  To give you the encouragement needed.  Some brutally honest criticism can be useful too since it gives you the needed push in some spots just as much as the cheerleaders, but those that are negative and make you doubt more than you do one take their comments with a grain of salt and maybe vacant their vicinity for awhile cause its not needed and sadly a lot of people are like that.  There’s looking at it realistically (brutally honest) but every time you bring up your novel (the negative) since even the honest people in my experience still look with you to the stars.

So before I vanish into edits, and other things I want to take the opportunity again to thank you all.  Thanks for the support, thanks for hanging around I had hoped this day would have come a lot sooner, but life had other ideas, and thanks for believing with me that this book can reach the stars.

Here’s to the next chapter and moving forward,



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