A Walk to Remember

SoMonday we finally got out to shoot photos to piece together in a cover and let me say despite there being a late autumn chill in the air it was a blast.  It wasn’t too cold mind you but a bit chilly since where we were shooting was so close to the water.  After long debate on which path as well as yours truly forgetting how to read map keys correctly which prompted someone else to mess up as well.  Setting off we’re not two minutes down the path and we’re snapping pictures, not fully of what the cover has to pertain to but just random things.  It was just this for like five minutes:

“Oh that tree looks so cool, look how it twists!”  *Snap* – brother in law’s girlfriend who is doing the cover images.

I pull out my phone and start snapping as well,  “Look at those leaves!”  Snap.

My brother in law- “Should I get the things out?”

We ignore of him and keep happily snapping pictures making our way slowly down the path.

“Look at this tree!” I say pointing to where a tree is a bright vivid yellow.

“Look at this….”

Eventually we get to the fight we decide to actually take a cover image and then proceed on pausing to take a picture of a tree which defied logic.  I wish I had gotten one to be honest, it was cool looking but you had to wonder how the heck it was staying up there.  From there we inched up the path quite literally at times as we found new and more exciting ways to put what we needed and take many, many angles.  Occasionally I snap a couple more pictures of the surrounding trees and joke with my brother in law on how he’s going to go tumbling down the path in new ways since someone decided no fence was needed until near the top of the hill.

*UPDATE! Okay since  I spent the past two days doing midterms and trying to bust my butt to get Vengeance done I’m doing this with not so fresh of a memory.  To those I was with I apologize now since some stuff is probably off and not as what happened and also several of the priceless lines that made us laugh so much are missing.  Regardless of that fact though I still wanted to share the day because it was definitely awesome.*

After we reached the top of the hill we see a tree we dub Mortreecia- yes we’re dorks- for its looks and then literally reach the fork in the road so to speak.  Deciding none of us want to be brave/ athletic enough we take the downhill route.  After straying off the path to get several more shots we walk on, seriously at this point we joke on how many covers we can probably actually do using the different pictures and its quite true.  I’m actually kinda afraid we won’t be able to decide in end which final make up to use.  Farther along the path once we be good kids and get back to walk along we get this fun event which sent us running.

Photographer looking off path: “I need to take a picture of that dead tree, lets use it!”

“Well we’re way off the path now,” My brother in law.  We had just been joking how we were bad kids and needed to stay on the path.

We get to the bottom of the tree, he starts backpedaling, “I’m not going any closer!”

We look around confused at what he was talking about, “What?” I ask.

He points at the dirt, i look carefully and see a decent size spider walking around there.  Actually I would almost say it was looking decently agitated.  “Oh Shit!” his girlfriend yells, looking at her feet I can see a couple more hanging out.  “They’re all over!”

We bolt, well more they bolt and I follow behind at just as quick speed since I do agree it seemed like more were popping up left and right.  I should mention at this point they are deathly afraid of even the smallest spider never mind how big and overall annoyed these looked.  My fears as far as spiders come from feeling their webs on my skin if I walk into one which I hate with a passion and will not go through them.  “Great now I’m sweaty,” she says as we get back on the path after running to it.

So our picture taking winds to a halt as we continue on the path trying to quickly walk to put as much distance between us and what we dub a spider nest.  A while down the path we also realize we need to start heading back or at least get our bearings so we could either keep walking  a bit and get more pictures or take a different way back in that direction so we might find some good shots.  Once again we vocalize our wishes someone had taken a picture of the map when we come up to an intersection and another copy of the trail map.  After about five minutes of debate we finally agree on a direction and head that way making our way out but not before snapping quite a few more pics and taking just a couple detours to get them.  We also found yet another Mortreecia.

This post in no way does justice what happened like I said especially the last part.  I just wanted to finish it before the memory degraded more.  Its immortalized in those pictures though and was definitely no where near what I thought shooting cover pics would be like.  I suppose I approached it more- its gonna be a chore to find the right spots and that’s going to take forever.  Never did I know it would be full of such laughter ,good times and overall though exacts have faded good memories.  Thanks again guys lets do it again next book huh?

I leave you with some awesome Michigan colors and also bid you all a very Happy Halloween,


Love fall for this reason.

Love fall for this reason.


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