The Home Stretch

A post of a bit of substance this early morning with hopefully a longer one coming in the next day or two as I get ready to reveal covers and other good things.  I’m also keeping this short since I’m sitting literally on the brink of draft completion, part of the current chapter I’m typing needs to be finished, the drafted epilogue needs to be typed and the remaining untouched chapter needs to come to life.  Yes, I did what might be the writing advice that gets as many mixed reviews as writing by the seat of your pants, outlining and having set times to write if not more so and did the ending first.  Its kinda odd having a clearer idea, clearer than just seeing points on an outline anyway, as to how it all ends and definitely a new thing I did.  Not sure if its something I’d make habit of doing for future books or writing but it definitely has its uses.  I might elaborate more on this in a later post because it might be useful.

A reminder before I get back to work here, a free paperback book of Vengeance is being given away over at the facebook page.  See that lovely link on the right side?  Head over there and check it out!

Off to get some more words out of me before I get ready for bed,



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