This is What Happens When….

So remember yesterday when I closed with I had a goliath and gnoll to look after because we were gaming.  Well this is what happen gamers meet kid toys (which is actually one of munchkin’s latest from his birthday):

Iron Man disapproves of what's going on here.

Iron Man disapproves of what’s going on here.

To be honest what spurred this was me looking up to see Iron Man surveying the battleground with an air of superiority.  After careful thought everyone at the table agreed and we just couldn’t resist in expanding on what Iron Man was thinking.

What the hell guys? What the hell?

What the hell guys? What the hell?

Unfortunately due to the toy’s limited mobility- seriously its worse than Barbie in that department since at least her head moved- this was the best poor Iron Man could express against our characters and whatever encounter we came across.  Who will make a guest cameo at our next session?  Who knows but I think overall verdict of this experience is that kid toys still have appeal and fun value no matter what your age.

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