Just a Little Off Here, a Little Off There

Well maybe little is an understatement, but lets break this down shall we?  When editing one must expect some scenes won’t make the cut, I’ve already cut several that sounded brilliant at the time but now that all has taken shape and set the scene they just don’t sound as good.  Now this can be an excruciating experience because of course you want it all in, and at times if you’re anything like me you’re cutting out 500+ words at times either completely and leaving it as is or need to replace at least some of this total.   This of course also overlooks the obvious reason as to why this is painful which is that its your writing, your words and your blood, sweat and tears that went into it.  Which makes the following probably absolutely crazy as to what I decided to do the other night:

Vengeance is decreased by chapters, one I preemptively cut and combined two of them together to make a complete chapter, the second was about 2,000 words in before I made the cut.  What in the world was I thinking?  Well, simply put like I said above what sounded cool and a good idea at one time didn’t feel right anymore.   The thing I dedicated a chapter to explaining would be better with much less dedicated to it, and to keep it as it was would only drag on the story and bog the flow down.   Still though I went back and looked at it after reaching the decision to double check and recheck whether it was right or not since after all there were some one of a kind moments in there.  Who knows though some of those lines might sneak in other places or moments so I’m not overly torn they had to be cut, but still second guessed myself a lot about it, not one of the deeper cuts though I’ve had to do since they were incomplete to begin with.

With the cuts though I can officially say we’re about four- call it four and a half chapters away from the end, the book on my end anyway is about halfway at least semi-edited wording, grammar and content wise.  Halfway is probably an understatement but best be safe than sorry when giving amounts on things like that, nothing is worse than when you think you’re farther along than you actually are.  Been there, done that one- not fun.  So what this random babbling translates to- we’ll see the end of this much sooner than I thought well given all the setbacks and trying to allow for time issues.  Cover by the way will hopefully be shown and assembled in the next week or so- weather permitting to get the shots we need.

Okay off to game- I have a goliath and gnoll to keep in line.  We’ll see what trouble we get into this time.



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