Let’s Try This Yet One More Time…

Okay fifth attempt at a coherent blog post in the past week go!  My brain has become mush again since school started I swear, that and today was just draining and really it wasn’t that big of a thing that happened.  Okay I lied, it was since I have to say- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUNCHKIN!!!!  Sentimental mom moment warning-  It’s hard to believe that The party wasn’t as big as those I’ve done/ attended in the past though cake and ice cream and a supper over at my son’s grandparent’s house- but oh boy the kids.  The kids!  I’m sorry even if you have them they still wear you out and all told there was about ten of them from three families running around, screaming in and out of the house as well as protesting having to eat anything but sweets and which candy piece they got from the cake as well which piece they got… and ice cream or no ice cream….  can I have more ice cream and get rid of the rest of my cake?  The list goes on and on.  All in all though I think that munchkin had an excellent birthday so much so on the way home he passed out in his car seat, probably from a sugar coma.

On the plus side got some discussion on book covers done in the midst of the chaos.  Got some interesting ideas coming my way soon I think, I say think because I was picturing them really cool but they might turn out to be the exact opposite.  Writing progression has been decent, though logistics sometimes reigns in my imagination- cursed rapids not being able to do what I want them to.   I must ask out of curiosity  on NaNoWriMo- anyone doing it?   I was not going to this year considering my attempts from last year has made me go on this crazy path and I’m still not done, but I think I will.  I got stories to tell still, right now on the forefront besides Vengeance is book two of the saga and I technically lost last year so I’m curious if I can do it.  We’ll see if this turns into a big train wreck or not no doubt you’ll hear about it here, and if and when I decide to sign up I’ll share my user name so we can encourage one another.  The biggest issue I see so far is my being able to turn down- way down my internal editor that makes me go back over the story as I’m writing.  Which admittedly is the issue as to why Vengeance is taking so long- writing 50k words in one month though will make it quite hard for that to be an issue that overtakes me.

Well I’m off to get a few things done before bed.

Until next time,



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