Just a Few Changes…

After I’ve been shifting things around and playing around with ideas I’ve made a few alterations to the series.  The main thing that concerns you lovely readers is this without delving into plot details:

-Series name is now Birthright Secrets.

Why on earth did you change your name of your series?  Well simple- I’m still in the stages I can do it as well as this is new title more reflective of the books.  By the way this was the most pain the butt thing to come up with and I think its good – whether others do well that’s for you do decide.  Anyway, thought process- oh I really like the idea of this…. crap its already taken by a YA series, hmm… maybe this alteration… well that’s taken too.   Cue me pondering for ages on alterations, then googling furiously  and am happy to say we’ve arrived.  As to why this fits a bit better, well all will hopefully be revealed in the books.  *Evil laugh*

– As such the Facebook Page will need to be altered- I say this here because my understanding is that Facebook will be messaging people who have liked the page on the upcoming changes so this acts as a heads up to that.  The URL has already been changed to reflect the change to the name which will hopefully happen soon.

I gotta thank the husband who’s listened to me debate this and all the other stuff over and over this past week and giving me a good person to bounce ideas off of.

This week is pretty writing heavy for me since I have a basically free week since classes ended Sunday for the time being.  But it means hope beyond hope that at least all of Vengeance will be written down in some form, and some upcoming stuff is outlined.  We’re still moving toward a November-December release, boy do I wish I had exacts but its hard to tell since so much needs to be completed.

Dashing off to work,



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