Experimental Times

I was going to do a blog post about this a while ago, wanting to do one but having no real topic really write on, so I came up with the blog post idea where actually focus on any particular topic.  This might backfire and possibly just turn into nothing but rambling but we’ll go with it and see where we end up shall we?  I’ve been spending the past few days in recovery/ edit mode since my tablet/me decided it would be amazing to turn a 14,000 word chapter down to all but 2,500 words encrypted or just corrupt- hopefully I’ll have the entire chapter done tonight, hopefully.   On the plus side it gives me a chance to really get it under my belt since it was a point where I was feeling the characters were falling flat and into unrealistic reactions but now I’m feeling a hell of a lot better on it.  Story time with Munchkin continues to be valuable in the editing department, due to the chapter’s mess up since its right in the middle of the fully complete stuff so I’ve had the chance to re-read some of the things we’ve already read through to hear it aloud and make some wording changes as needed, not that it’s probably near done yet.  He doesn’t mind the repeat that happens sometimes, in fact he seems to think story time should be all the time since we had to literally beg him out of his room/bed so we could go to the store after he ran in there after I had my tablet to hook it up to charge.

That’s not to say Vengeance hasn’t progressed any either, a chapter was just completed last week, with another about halfway and the remaining bit has been pretty much mapped out and hasn’t detoured too much with a few random events that happened to throw themselves into the story and my brain went this is an awesome idea!  I also have a feeling people are so going to hate me for how it all ends- and that’s all I’m gonna say for now- yes the ending has been roughly written already it was actually one of the first things I wrote on the previous draft since it along with the prologue actually were re-written as part of a creative writing elective for my degree.   I still hope it lives up to all this that has been building up for the rest of the story and what I can say on it is that it does lead into a second book ideas for which have already been bouncing around in my head for months, nothing’s been fully finalized for that one yet by far but the plot has indeed started.

Also!  Exciting news- cover art, much better than the mocking I came up with earlier this year, has been started on.  So far I’m really liking the start of it all- thank you so so much Alyssa Ochs for putting it all together for me!  Not sure when it will all be ready for the complete reveal, and maybe I’ll tease what I’ve seen over the next few days but I can’t wait to show you guys.  If you got time make sure you check out her other photos over here https://www.facebook.com/AlyssaOchsPhotography and give her a like!

So as far as fan things I’ve been thinking of a couple things to do, one being maybe a book giveaway again using either this or the Facebook page as we have in the past as we get closer to release, but not sure if there’s interest.  Also thinking of recording an audio post/ podcast on occasion depending on how popular the idea turns out to be and how often Munchkin and hubby will let me have quiet to do something like that.  Possible topics are as simple as responding to questions either here, the Facebook page or even on my twitter, random posts like this where I’m just  talking about whatever might come to mind.  I’ve got a few more ideas up my sleave for you guys but I think those are best for when Vengeance is finally out in the world, but also expect maybe a few more things like the naming contest, because I’m absolutely – take forever and still change the name *cough* Kellin *cough* ten thousand times before deciding on things like that or some other fun silly things to pop up now and then.    So let me know which venues you prefer as far as giveaways, and thoughts on audio stuff in the comments, and if you have any questions to possibly kick off such a post leave them as well.

Obligatory Plug:  for if you’re new here check out the previews at the top of the site, the preview has been combined into Vengeance but it does show a bit of what Segennya was like before Vengeance.  Visit and like the Facebook page to join in the things over there including the visual tour via pinterest, and if you want my occasional really random things follow my twitter over there on the right side.  Just follow all the things, thanks as always for the support!

Back to work,



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