So This Happened…

So my past weekend took a very different turn Saturday night, well technically Sunday morning after my car decided it would be brilliant to catch fire.  I say this somewhat jokingly because really if I don’t joke about it- I’d probably still be shaking, and a mess.  To be honest I debated even writing about it here, but I’ve always been thinking of this as a place for people to get to know me as well as a person not just a future author and to get my head around the whole thing.   Let me be clear, besides a twisted foot that was my own fault for jumping off about a two foot tall porch where I was trying to get help because genius me, I forgot my cell phone at home and landing wrong I got out in the nick of time, that being said its painfully clear as it is after events like this I imagine how wrong it could have been for me if I had done anything or had things happen any differently.  This made even clearer after I saw the car yesterday in daylight and was able to see the damage in full light.

What caused it?  We’ll never know for sure, the damage is just too much to tell and I will say it went down in style, I didn’t fully turn the keys off in the car so the radio kept playing until that part was consumed by the flames.  I was driving, and noticed it was running funny just about a block down the road from my house and thought I could make it, as I was pulling in the drive to the park where I live it got really bad, and so I mentally got my ‘we’re almost there!’ thought process going.  We struggled up the drive and I was about ready to just push it though it would be uphill partly, when the car stalls I see the flames from over top the hood near the windshield and dash out.  That’s when my foot got hurt, and then I ran back to the car to get my munchkin’s car seat out of it, though I was the only one in the car at the time, the only one-

‘Munchkin’s car seat!  I have to save it!’

*Runs at the car, dodging below the column of thick smoke now billowing from the engine compartment.*

‘I have to get this car seat out, I have to…’

*Pull open the back door, unbuckle the seat then literally yank the seat free (taking in the irony that the radio is still playing just fine and happy) and toss it aside on the grass, then slam the door shut again and go off in search of help again,  by now though some movie goers have arrived and are calling for help.*

I reiterate because this is the silliest thing ever, the car seat was empty I was the only one in the car!  Even days later I’m still shaking my head at the fact I went back, braved a possibly exploding car to save an empty car seat.  And then as we back away as we wait for the fire department when the front tires explode due to the heat I almost go back for it again where it was lying on the grass!  I didn’t though because I figured it was too dangerous now, like it wasn’t before when I went in the car for it, and it would hopefully be fine where it was laying.   The annoyance of the night as the fire department went to work was the party bus that drove by and took pictures of the fire not once but like three times, all I could think was:  ‘Seriously?  You have to be kidding me, how movie cliche can you get?’   Also their party bus must have been dull if they did that on purpose and their excitement was my car being on fire.  In the end, the engine, and most of the interior of the car was destroyed, most of the damage was on the diver’s side, though amazingly quite a few things were saved that were on the floor, though the water damage didn’t make them worth pulling out really.

Then yesterday-dear god, if the car being totaled wasn’t enough the damn towing company ran us around in circles before letting us get at the car to move it to its final resting place as well as get what we could out of the car (mostly the untouched trunk).  That’s a whole rage post in of itself so I’ll spare everyone of those annoying details.  I think I’ll take another day off schoolwork, between everything yesterday I got no writing in, and  I had to force myself Sunday to finish my assignments,   Hard to believe I’m almost at my halfway point though I’m already being hit with midterms, FML.

Anyway back to writing!



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