All the Things!

So now that I’ve officially thrown that whole- post on your blog to promote your stuff on a regular basis piece of advice that is commonly thrown out to new authors out the window- lets try to return on track somewhat.  I have next to me the outline for the rest of Vengeance…I normally don’t outline at all since I usually end up discarding them shortly after but in this case I wanted to in order to make sure I was still going where I wanted with the whole story.  Needless to say though remember when I said Chapter 7 was the halfway point?  I lied by accident- its much more than that- but we’re still well over that point and actually last night as I was telling my husband about how I was picturing the story end I essentially wrote it which is half the battle right?

Part of the reason Vengeance is so long is because part of the story that was originally going to be separate in the preview is going to be part of Vengeance sadly.  My reasoning while it would be awesome to give everything its own story, and I really wanted to I’ve been so wrapped up in Vengeance and other things as well as now schoolwork that it would be simply too hard to push out the two right now, plus I was having horrible writer’s block due to wanted to get Vengeance done fully.  It may reappear separate at a later date but not right now.  Also another reason its become so long is in the details, now I didn’t go like George R.R. Martin level of details but its gotten a lot heavier if I do say so myself, last chapter I did topped 14, 000 words making it the biggest to date, prior to this each chapter averaged about 5,000 words.  I prefer to think this is me just finally at long last hitting my stride, forgetting all my other worries whether its from life in general or the publication process and just telling the story as its meant to.  And to be honest enjoying it immensely- seriously I just wish I had about 10 more of me to get everything else I need to done so I can just focus on this, but doesn’t everyone have that wish?

So wishing for more time in the day/ more of me to work with/ writing for this and school otherwise, I did have a rather good birthday.  Our usual Saturday night plans didn’t happen- which kinda sucked since I had been looking forward to it but what can you do?  Still though the hubby made it good, he made me dinner and alcoholic beverage for the night and then last night finally got me a cake which we ate while watching Dr. Who, which after forever of hearing about it we finally are getting into.  We just reached the 10th doctor so we got a ways to go, and for someone who was lamenting on the regeneration and stuff I find it hilarious how he wouldn’t let me watch more.

“I’m done for the night!”  Two seconds later. “I don’t like it!”

Me- “Give it more than an episode, but if you’re sure I’ll keep watching.”

Him- “No!  I’m still gonna watch it but I don’t like it now, but I like Rose.”

Me- “So what are you gonna do when they switch companions? ”

Him- “Stop then unless she’s as hot as Rose.”

Me- “You’re as bad as a girl you know that right?”

Don’t worry though I have a feeling that it will still win him over changes and all.  (I’ve cheated and watched a bit more than him at random mainly but shh… don’t tell him.)

Until next time,



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